i created a walking dead story part 1, but it is in my talk. so please, read part 1 then read part 2

John and Harry got out from under the car after the herd of walkers passed by!

John:What was that!?

Harry:Walkers, listen to me.Don't you ever get bit by them, you got it!

John:Why?What Happens if I get bit?!

Harry:It's kind of a virus, when you get bit, there's no turning back.First you start with the fever, and then, when you die, you come back, like them! Totally hungry, wanting meat.You got it, never get bit, and a blow on the brains, thats what takes them down.

John:Okay, but, what about that guy that was being eaten by that walker, does being eaten count like a bite?!

Harry:Yeah!That guy's a goner!

Harry took out his crossbow, aimed at the dead man's head that became walker and started getting up. That's when Harry took the shot, right on the brain.

Harry:We got a camp, you can join us if you like. But not now!

John:Sure, but why not now?

Harry:Cause me and 2 other guy's from camp were going to the city to get supplies, but when we heard the gunshot, they told me to come running to see what it was...

John:And then you found me, right?

Harry:Yeah!Now let's go, oh yeah, take this, its a Tomahawk.Much better than popping rounds here and there!

Harry handed John the Tomahawk.


John and Harry left the jammed highway to get to the other 2.On another place, Rick and Lan were waiting Harry come back

Rick:Harry is taking quite long, ain't he Lan?

Lan:Yeah, he never takes that long to come back, and, we need to get to the city!

Rick and Lan heard something coming from the bushes, Rick got out an axe and a crowbar from the truck, and he gave the crowbar to Lan.


John and Harry came out from the bushes.

Rick:Oh, it's you, and, who's that guy.

Harry:Found him in a Jammed Highway, saved his life.He's coming with us to the city, and then, back to camp,

Lan:Fine, let's go already!

John:Your going into the city, with only Knifes, axes and crowbars.I think you need something else, if you are surrounded, here, take your guns.

Rick:Are you crazy, shooting guns in the city!

John:Just get a gun and shut up!

John stayed with his Colt Python and got a Glock 17.Harry took a Smith and Wesson Model 10.Lan took a CZ Handgun-9mm and a Ruger M77 Hawkeye.Rick took a SIG-Sauer P220R and a Mossberg 590. they were now heading to the city


you can see how the guns look like on Bag of Guns.