its my story of the walking dead

John woke up after a car crash at the highway, there had happened a trafic jam.He didn't know what had happened, his wife and son were missing

John: What the!!!

He got out of the car, went to the trunk of the car, and opened it, his guns were in it and lots of food too, but some of the food were missing, probably his wife and son took it with them. John was a hunter, when he went on a vacation with his family, he never left his guns behind. As he left the car he started walking toward north, and then... it happened, the gunshot.As he heard it he started running toward it!!!

John: Please still be there, I have many questions.

As he was getting closer, he started to hear a scream, and then, teeth opening and closing, like it was eating something. As he got there, he saw it. A Walker eating a man holding a gun, as the walker heard something, it looked at John, it got up, started moaning and was walking on John's direction!!


He pulled his gun out and shot it 3 times at the chest and 1 time at the heart. The walker fell, John was so scared that he didn't know what to do, he thought that he just killed a man. He was gonna start moving again, but thats when the walker got up, and it started walking toward John. John fell from so frightend he was, he started crawling backwards, but still looking at the walker. But suddenly he stopped, there was a car right behind him!!

John: Oh my god, this is the end!!

He started crying, and then, someone appeared with a knife and killed the walker, stabing the behind of its head.

Harry: Are you crazy man, being alone out here!

John: Who are you!!!!

Harry: Shut up, questions for later, now hide under the god damn fucking car before those mother fuckers see us!!!

John: Why the hell!!!

Harry: Because there's a herd of more than 50 walkers, now get under the fucking car already, or do you want to get eaten by those things!


Harry: Then get under it already!!

John and Harry hid under the car's while the walkers where passing by them!