• John Survivor-19

    OK, HERE'S AN rpg THAT ME AND MY FRIEND CREATED, here's the link


    Just sign in and play

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  • John Survivor-19

    i'm asking if anyone want to chat

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  • John Survivor-19

    its my story of the walking dead

    John woke up after a car crash at the highway, there had happened a trafic jam.He didn't know what had happened, his wife and son were missing

    John: What the!!!

    He got out of the car, went to the trunk of the car, and opened it, his guns were in it and lots of food too, but some of the food were missing, probably his wife and son took it with them. John was a hunter, when he went on a vacation with his family, he never left his guns behind. As he left the car he started walking toward north, and then... it happened, the gunshot.As he heard it he started running toward it!!!

    John: Please still be there, I have many questions.

    As he was getting closer, he started to hear a scream, and then, teeth opening and closi…

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  • John Survivor-19

    i created a walking dead story part 1, but it is in my talk. so please, read part 1 then read part 2

    John and Harry got out from under the car after the herd of walkers passed by!

    John:What was that!?

    Harry:Walkers, listen to me.Don't you ever get bit by them, you got it!

    John:Why?What Happens if I get bit?!

    Harry:It's kind of a virus, when you get bit, there's no turning back.First you start with the fever, and then, when you die, you come back, like them! Totally hungry, wanting meat.You got it, never get bit, and a blow on the brains, thats what takes them down.

    John:Okay, but, what about that guy that was being eaten by that walker, does being eaten count like a bite?!

    Harry:Yeah!That guy's a goner!

    Harry took out his crossbow, aimed at the de…

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