Ok everyone this is my prediction of the series 4 mid-series finale "Too Far Gone". As some of you know I'm a huge fan of the comics but hate the show. I've wanted to do this blog for a few days now and just thought i better do it before the episode airs.

As we know this episode should be the huge battle for the prison from the comics. my prediction is that there will be a million blogs after the episode airs with everyone wanting to say what they thought of the episode. This will cause 2 things to happen.

1. anyother blogs people put up not about the episode will get pushed down & not many people will be able to read them.

2. since there will be so many blogs talking about the same thing it will cause people to get really annoyed as they usally do.

so that's my prediction, lets see if i'm right. if you have any thoughts or comments please post them below.

This blog is either going to do really well or really bad :/