I have mentioned before that my favorite character in TWD is Morgan Jones. Morgan was the first kind person that Rick encountered after awaking from his coma. Morgan helped Rick survive and steered him in the right path to find his family. Morgan was a loving father who did everything he could to protect his son, but alas, in this world of pain and sorrow, no one is safe. After losing his only child, Morgan understandiably developed severe emotional problems. He was no longer the happy-go-lucky father who had high hopes of riding out the storm with his son. He had now become a tormented man, who carried an enormous burden of grief for the loss of his beloved Duane. Morgan still maintained his humanity to the end. He formed a relationship with Michonne, and mentored an impressionable Carl. As the defenses of the survivor's safezone began to come undone, Morgan was the first one to join Rick in an attempt to fight the impending horde. Morgan was tragically bitten in his brave stance against the undead. Morgan spent his last moments in this life trying to prepare Carl for the life he must face. Morgan was the longest running survivor next to Rick, and he will be missed. After losing so much, and carrying such sadness, I hope he has finally found peace.

R.I.P. Morgan Jones,

Issue # 1 - Issue # 83