So, I was talking to a couple of other wiki users, and we started coming up with some potential storylines for Season 2, of The Walking Dead Telltale Games.  I don't wanna ramble on an intro, so here are some of the "theories".

Note, these are most likely just going to be the openings or beginnings of the storyline.

1) The characters (Clementine; 400 Days) start off in Tavia's Safe-Zone.  It soon crumbles, and only a handful of survivors make it out, prompting them to start anew.

2) It started off right were we left off, Clementine meeting up with the silhouettes in the field.  They soon start a survivor group, but then they hear about Tavia's Safe-Zone, and make it their journey to get there.  At the end, they are potentially saved and brought to the safe-zone by whichever 400 Days characters survived.  (My Personal Favorite)

3) After the events of the first season, Clementine, Omid, and Christa (Maybe Molly; Lilly!) begin turning darker, cause of what they have been through, and refuse to trust anymore survivors.  The story tries to bring light to it when they find Tavia's Safe-Zone, helping Clementine trust others again.

4) Christa, Omid, Clementine, whoever else they decide to add to the group are set up on the outskirts of Savannah.  They try to sustain themselves, but sooner or later have to move along.  They try to make civilization, and they end up doing so, having runners (Tavia) recruit other survivors.

That is all I have, but I want to know what my fellow wikians think too.  Do you agree with any of these theories, or do you think they are the stupidest things you've ever heard?  Let me know, thank you for reading ;)