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Issue 116 ~ Battle at Sanctuary Predictions!

JayBaee November 3, 2013 User blog:JayBaee

So, with the Battle of Sanctuary taking place in less than ten days in issue 116, I think it's easy to see that some of our beloved (or not so beloved) characters aren't gonig to make it past this issue.  (P.S. I think it's easy to see that it's not going to end peacefully because of the description for issue 117).  So, this is just a simple question: Who do you think is going to make it?  I mean some people we know for a fact are going to make it, like:

  • Rick - 100% (He's on the cover for the issues after this)
  • Ezekiel - 100% (Same Deal as Rick)
  • Negan - 100% (Same Deal as Rick)
  • Michonne - 100% (Same Deal as Rick)
  • Jesus - 100% (Same Deal as Rick)
  • Gregory - 100% (Same Deal as Rick)

So, what about the others?

  • Holly - 75% (I'd like to see her stick around, and the fact that she's been on the cover issues in the spotlight can mean both bad or good)
  • Eric - 50% (Honestly, for both Eric and Aaron, one of them has to die in order to develop the other.  I'd rather see Aaron live though...)
  • Aaron - 50% (Same thing as Eric)
  • Kal - 25% (He's really only fodder, nothing more, imo)
  • Heath - 50% (He's a replacement Glenn, let's be honest... just a not-so-cool version.  That being said, there's a high chance he'll survive for that reason)
  • Richard - 15% (Ezekial's right-hand man, I don't see him living that long at all.  Like Kal, he's just fodder.)
  • Nicholas - 50% (I would love to see Nicholas live a lot longer, I'm really enjoying his character.  But, I am unsure if they'd just kill him off just yet or not.)

P.S., I didn't include Andrea and Carl because they didn't accompany the group there.

P.S.S., Sorry if I forgot to include a character, these were the only ones I remember being there!

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