Now, by now, we all heard of this character that is supposed to debut in Indifference, episode 4, named Julio.  Supposedly he's a mechanic who tweeted he would be in the show, and blah, blah, blah.

Am I the only one that doesn't believe this dude for one second?

  1. He seems to have been the only one to confirm his appearence (Which, if 'm correct; in filming, that's a big no-no.).  I have honestly not heard anything from AMC about this dude.
  2. From the comments on a prior blog, Julio's actor, Santiago Cirilo, confirmed he was on the run with The Governor.  Hello?  This dude isn't supposed to be confirming this stuff himself, if so, he'd be shunned from the industry.
  3. This man is despearate for work.  Has anyone ever looked at his Twitter?  Every other tweet is "Former military soldier turned actor in need of work." or something along those lines.... seriously?

Yeah, I am pretty sure this guy is trolling or he's just way too desperate.  If someone could clear this up if AMC said anything about him, that would be really helpful.