Alright, so, I'm unsure if anyone made a blog about this, so forgive me if there already was one, but, on IMDb the description for episode 9 is "As the survivors of the prison assault try to regroup, Rick and Carl stumble upon a vacant house in the forest. Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth realize they are being watched by someone, and a new threat begins to emerge.".

Now, before you say, "IMDb is so unreliable!" (Which I know is true), let's just say it's legit. Who is following Daryl & Beth? I think it very may well be The Hunters! Daryl is kidnapped or Beth is kidnapped, and bam, we get another casualty in TWD. I could see Beth going out this way(but, after Hershel's death, she has so much room to grow), that's why I'm hoping it's Daryl.

But yeah, let's just, for blog purposes, say that the description is legit? What would be your predictions?