Hey guys, I just have a quick question/theory (Forgive me if this has been done before).  But, during Infected, with all the havoc that was going on, I didn't really have time to pay attention to all the minor characters in the background.

But, I was reading Luke's page (curly haired kid, was saved by Daryl), and it says that he was handed off to Karen, and hid in a cell with her, David, and another little girl

At the end of Infected, of course, Karen and David are burned to death, presumably to stop the virus from spreading.  But... what about Luke and Molly?  They were hiding in the same cell as them, and the two both end up getting sick and dying.

And yes, I know they're redshirt characters, I know that, but they're still kids, I got a soft spot for them.  I'm guessing that if they were going to kill the kids as young as them, it would have to be by disease, cause we all know they're not going to be around for much longer, let's be honest.

So, I'm guessing these kids are goners, right?   I dunno, I'm interested to see what plays out.