Spoilers for anyone who hasn't played Season 2 of the Game.

In the preview for the next episode we see Clementine look shocked and say to an unseen person "I thought you were dead."

This obviously means someone we have seen before in the game is coming back, and is there really any question of who it could be?

Not only was Kenny's death unclear to start with, which caused me to have suspicions, but it has been confirmed that "his fate will be explored" in Season 2.  And who else from the video game could she really be talking about.

List of people who left without dying:

Glenn (Impossible because of comic series, plus not presumed dead)

Lilly (While I suppose this is possible, she was not presumed dead in either of her exits.  She was either abandoned or left, it's very likely she could have died, but it's not enough to simply assume that she's dead)

Molly (Once again, this character was not presumed dead, well unless I suppose you had to leave her behind at the school, but that was determinant)

Christa (Same reason as above, although if it is Christa I would ragequit because that would be the most boring reveal ever)

and Kenny.  And we all know his story.  So honestly, if we really think about it, who's the most likely candidate?  It's going to be Kenny.  On the chance it's not, I shall eat my words and admit I was wrong, but all the evidence leads to the return of Kenny.  It's not gonna be Ovid I'll tell you that.  Cause he was shot through the heart, and that bitch Michelle is to blame.  I know this isn't twitter but #FuckMichelle

Also I know this is totally and completely impossible because of the novel that came out, but does anyone else think Kenny looks like Brian Blake/The Governor?  There is a resemblance.