• Jawf

    Who else could it really be?

    December 19, 2013 by Jawf

    Spoilers for anyone who hasn't played Season 2 of the Game.

    In the preview for the next episode we see Clementine look shocked and say to an unseen person "I thought you were dead."

    This obviously means someone we have seen before in the game is coming back, and is there really any question of who it could be?

    Not only was Kenny's death unclear to start with, which caused me to have suspicions, but it has been confirmed that "his fate will be explored" in Season 2.  And who else from the video game could she really be talking about.

    List of people who left without dying:

    Glenn (Impossible because of comic series, plus not presumed dead)

    Lilly (While I suppose this is possible, she was not presumed dead in either of her exits.  She was either aba‚Ķ

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