This is just a reponse to quite a lot of topics I've seen that have predicted Carl's death in season 4. I understand predictions, but I'm going to try and explain to people why he won't die. And besides if I make this, I can just link people to this topic if it comes up again.

Here's my take on it.

Well first off Carl is the safest on the show. Yes that includes Daryl and Rick. Now before people jump on me, i'm not saying it's Carl's story. It's Rick's - it can be argued that it's both of theirs. But Rick being the lead doesn't make him the safest. I expect Rick to make it to the final season/episode. BUT, if anybody is going to actually SURVIVE the final episode of the entire series it's Carl.

Here's why he's safe. 

  • He's repeatedly been called the "John Connor" of the The Walking Dead by the execs and cast. Calling him John Connor essentially means that he'll outlive his parents and carry on the fight after the show ends. He's the next generation, the generaiton that will carry on the fight. 
  • A huge part of The Walking Dead as a franchise is to show what it is like for a child to grow up in this world. It's like that in the show, it's like that in the comic, HECK it's even like that in the game. After Rick's "No more kids stuff" and Lori's death speech "You're going to beat this world" - It's basically setting it all up for Carl to take over at the end of the series.
  • He's been called the "Central focus" by the execs.
  • His story in season 4 is just beginning according to Kirkman. Being killed in Season 4 doesn't sound like a beginning.
  • He's actually already been confirmed for season 5 already. An executive producer when talking about Carl said "That's going to have implications for season 4 and beyond. That we're just gonna begin to sort of understand what's gonna happen"
  • A commen T-Shirt he wears throughout the show is the Science-Tog T-Shirt. Science Dog is a character from Kirkmans other comic INVINCIBLE. So that's essentially linking Carl with the term "Invincible" 
  • Several members of the cast have come out and said that Carl is truly the only "safe" character.
  • Character deaths need Kirkman's approval before they're sent off to AMC. Kirkman has stressed time and time again that Carl is the "future" and that deep down it really is his story - not to mention he's his favorite character.
  • Gale Anne Hurd confirmed that there would be a timeskip every season. What's the main reason for TWD's timeskips? Chandler Rigg's aging - which means they've already planned ahead. Why would she say that there will be a timeskip every season when they haven't even began writing season 5 and beyond? It's because they don't know how the story will progress but what they DO know is Chandler will age and grow. The aging of the actor won't be a problem.
  • It would destroy Rick. Carl becomes his source of motivation to survive. Now that Lori is dead, and that Judith will certainly die (All the writers wanted to kill her in season 3 except Mazzara, now he's gone) He needs Carl. Not to mention Rick's character would be deadshit boring without Carl. It's his relationship to these characters which keep him intresting, and that's for any character. If Carl died, he'd either give up and off himself, or be a forever broken man. And nobody wants to watch that.

And that's only scratching the surface. God, I'd be here all day so I'll just leave it at that.

Basicially what I'm saying is that Carl is the ONLY character that has this kind of stuff said about him that implies his immunity to death by the writers and cast. Even Rick doesn't have this kind of evidence for safety. Heck, Kirkman and the other writers keeps saying that Rick COULD die. The only possible way that Carl will die before the end is if Chandler Riggs wants off the show. 

People might not like that because a lot of people don't like him, but this is how it was always going to be. There's absolutely no way he's doing die. Killing Andrea is not even close to the same thing as killing Carl.