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    This is just a reponse to quite a lot of topics I've seen that have predicted Carl's death in season 4. I understand predictions, but I'm going to try and explain to people why he won't die. And besides if I make this, I can just link people to this topic if it comes up again.

    Here's my take on it.

    Well first off Carl is the safest on the show. Yes that includes Daryl and Rick. Now before people jump on me, i'm not saying it's Carl's story. It's Rick's - it can be argued that it's both of theirs. But Rick being the lead doesn't make him the safest. I expect Rick to make it to the final season/episode. BUT, if anybody is going to actually SURVIVE the final episode of the entire series it's Carl.

    Here's why he's safe. 

    • He's repeatedly been called the "Jo…
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