so, i had this thought right after the episode, what if carol finds the governors group? (i know it has been pointed out before) i dont think carol knows what governor looks like, or that he has lost an eye. carol also knows she wont be taken back to the prison, so she would definately join the group, after all its life or death. when the governor attacks, maybe carol will be the one to take lilys place from the comic, and by that earning his keep back to among prison group? what do you think?

the latest episode was also one of the best episodes so far, ive been waiting to see a supply run episode in the show, i loved the short scene from the comic where glenn was going on a supply run with heath. this episode had a great amount of character development, michonne and tyreese had their moment, maybe those two will get closer and hook up later, like in the comic, and tyreese seemed to calm down after his chat with michonne too.daryl was also really interesting, he acted more like merle would have when he found out about bobs "betrayal", daryl got very boring in season 3. also bob got some development, and i kinda feel sorry for bob, i like him and hope he sticks around a while longer. i really enjoyed this episode, no doubt one of my favourite episodes so far.

and what about sam and the girl, they mentioned they got seperated from their group, could they have been part of the governors group? if the were, that means the governor is still close by, meaning theres a big chance carol will find the group. wonder when we'll meet the governor again.

anyway, share your thoughts in the comment section below!