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  • Jartsa67

    so, i had this thought right after the episode, what if carol finds the governors group? (i know it has been pointed out before) i dont think carol knows what governor looks like, or that he has lost an eye. carol also knows she wont be taken back to the prison, so she would definately join the group, after all its life or death. when the governor attacks, maybe carol will be the one to take lilys place from the comic, and by that earning his keep back to among prison group? what do you think?

    the latest episode was also one of the best episodes so far, ive been waiting to see a supply run episode in the show, i loved the short scene from the comic where glenn was going on a supply run with heath. this episode had a great amount of characte…

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  • Jartsa67

    hey i found this in some forum and i just had to share this image with you people. i think not many people is aware or noticed this, but the first walker that comes after merle dixon looks just like the iconic walker from romeros dawn of the dead 1978. kirkman was asked about this and he confirmed that this was intended nod towards the romeros film. take a look:

    i dont take credit in this, this was not discovered by me, neighter was the image made by me.

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  • Jartsa67

    merle flashback?

    March 30, 2013 by Jartsa67

    hey what do you think about a flashback of merle escaping atlanta rooftop & running to the governor? possibly in season 4, and how would it fit in to the story. merle didnt tell anybody about his escape, so there aint nobody in ricks group to "tell" the flashback story. maybe someone from the governors group will, what do you think?

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  • Jartsa67


    March 23, 2013 by Jartsa67

    hey i was reading some old blogposts that discussed the possibility of dwight being the comic version of daryl. first i was like "hell no!" but when you stop and think about it, they have much similarities:

    yes, they both use the crossbow, they share very similiar style of clothing (example. sleeveless leather jacket) and dwight & daryl both when they were introduced the first time they were assholes, but eventually daryl developed a whole new character than he was in season 1, and now dwight is starting to turn on negan so he could eventually gain ricks trust and maybe become part of ricks group, maybe dwight ends up saving carls life & that way earns ricks trust. its not that far-fetched now when you think about it. whats your thoughts?

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  • Jartsa67

    ricks next wingman?

    March 21, 2013 by Jartsa67

    this post will contain possible spoilers if you havent read the latest issues. 

    you have been warned. so i started reading the comics when season 2 of the series came to end. i havent read past volume 11 but i know that abraham gets killed by dwight, so i was wondering who is ricks next right hand man? like shane was ricks right hand man and then tyreese filled the place when shane died, and abraham replaced tyreese after his death. so abraham died so who is ricks next wingman or are there a new one yet?

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