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Apparently new storyline for Rosita(TV)

Jamie141 February 10, 2014 User blog:Jamie141

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Hi all, first off I apologize if this blog has already been made because I haven't seen it so yeah. :S

Anyway I was looking around for news about our favorite trio from the comics and I came across this....


So apparently Rosita will have a different storyline from what she has in the comics, anyone got any ideas on what it is?

My opinion is maybe we explore Rosita's storyline a bit more than we do in the comics (so far) and I think that will be really nice to see since we don't know that much about Rosita compared to a lot of other characters.

Or maybe she'll be just the same character and a completely different type of character? I really hope this isn't the case because I like Rosita(Comic) but I suppose we'll see.

Anyway that's all I have for this, I just wanted to share it with you all. I apologize if this is not worthy of being a blog but as I said, just wanted to share it.

that's it for now so thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing what you think about this. :P

P.S I apologize for posting it before I actually put anything but the link, accidently pressed enter lol

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