• Jal11497

    Sigh. I was excited over this. In a new interview for Entertainment Weekly, Scott Gimple confirmed that Morgan, played by the excellent Lennie James, will not return this season, but does not rule out future appearances.

    EW: Of course, whenever we talk I always have to ask you about Morgan, played by Lennie James. Any chance we’ll get to see him again before season 4 ends?
    GIMPLE: He will not be definitely in season four. Somebody misquoted me on that. Will he be on the show again? Yes. I am absolutely certain of that.

    Gimple also answered many other questions, from the mysterious "Gareth" character to the Sanctuary to the possibility of seeing Lilly and Tara again.

    EW: Is the storyline with Lilly or Tara or anyone from the Governor’s camp fin…

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  • Jal11497

    I'm suggesting that we start adding images to the pages with long summaries, like the individual character pages, the TV episode pages, and the comics pages. It's slightly inspired by the Lostpedia wikia, but here are reasons why I'm bringing this up.

    • It's a good companion to the text. It kind of helps the reader understand the events happening in the summary.
    • We already have a large amount of pictures in the galleries, so we might as well put it to good use by including them in our pages.
    • Let's admit it. The long summaries of many pages are really boring without any pictures accompanying it. If we add images to the pages, then there will be more interest in what is written in the text.

    That's all. I hope you guys consider my suggestion and fe…

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  • Jal11497

    Ok, so I was editing a lot of cast changes lately. And what's bothering me is if Melissa McBride is a series regular for Season 2 and if IronE Singleton is a regular in Season 3, at least until "Killer Within".

    About Melissa McBride

    Since Melissa McBride confirmed her status as a series regular on Twitter earlier last year, everybody knows that she is a main cast member since season 3 after TV Line's sources confirmed that she was a regular since last season, but AMC refrained her name on the opening credits until season 4.

    This can be noticed through the "credits" part of the episode recaps section of the official website, where series regulars are not part of the "Guests" section. However, I've been scanning the season 2 recaps, and noticed…

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