"The Walking Dead:Lost Beyond Knowledge"

"Will! Get up we got to go now!" Alexander said urgently. "Did you get the group together?" Will said, "We are all ready to go, we just could not get you up." Said Alexander. As the men rush to the vehicles to drive away from the attack on their safe-zone, hordes of undead ravage their base and destroy it within minutes. "Damn DeadBrains" Said Alexander "DeadBrains? I thought we agreed on the term Walkers." said Will. "Sorry, Force of Habit." The Group continues on hoping to find their next base.

As the Group of 12 goes along the highway, Will drives along with his wife Isabella and his 12 year old son Liam, as well with Alexander. Isabella says to everyone in the car "Wait slow down, I see a walker out there." Liam says "I got it" Isabella quickly denies Liam's request which leads to Alexander saying he will take out the walker. With no difficulty at all Alexander walks up,pulls a knife, and stabs the zombie in the head. As he walks back he jokingly says "Damn that stinks." But another walker comes by, not being the survivors and tries to bite Liam. The walker quickly gets taken down by Owen who at the last second, gets out of his car and throws his tomahawk at the walkers head. The group, now knowing that they can not get setup by where they currently are, moves along the highway with everyone still alive, hoping not to repeat what happened at the last safe-zone.

The Group travels Along and Will stops the convoy of survivors once again. When Owen asks why they stopped, Will responds "Its night, we have little visibility on the road, and we are not even close to Atlanta. I think we should get setup here and wait until day.  Emma says to Will "Are you sure that's safe? Last time we did this we were over run and we lost Alex, Gabbriella, Megan, and Jeffery.". Will responds " We will be fine. We fired to many shots with our guns there and we lost what we called home and some good friends,  none of which died in vain." The group proceeds to setup and silence fills the cool summer night air. 

As nighttime moves along, Kevin and Will decide to patrol the are while everybody else gets some sleep. Isabella sneaks up behind Will saying "Why don't you come back to bed? You need Rest." Will responds "Because I need to know everyone is going to be safe." Isabella says "They will be because they know that there is a great leader like you." Will responds "Thanks. I will be back in bed in 10 minutes." Kevin yells "Hey Isabella! Liam was wandering the woods all alone not knowing how dangerous it can be." Isabella responds "Thank you Kevin for telling me this." Kevin replies "no problem."

As daytime comes along the group packs up their tents and moves along. With Isabella, Will, Liam, and Emma in the first one, Owen, Kevin, Leo, and Alexander in the second one, Maya, Leah, Sara, and Brooke in the Last tent. Owen asks "Ready to head on out?" Will replies "Yes we are, we are gonnna head for a hospital up state. We have been travelling for a good month now we all need a brake." 

After miles and miles of driving the finally reach the hospital the Will was talking about and they decide that all the woman and children should stay outside for safety while the men go in to clear it out, everybody agrees and Will, Alexander, Kevin, Leo, and Owen go in for a floor by floor sweep of the hospital. Will hands out supressors he found when scavenging a highway and say to use them. Each man equips his silencer on his handgun and they each go into their assigned floors.

As Alexander and Will finish their floors they hear a scream coming from Owen's Floor. Will and Alexander rush to Owens location to find Owen struggling but by the time they get the shot off the walker had already torn through Owens chest. Owen leans toward the barrel of Wills gun and Will quietly says to Owen, "I'm sorry Owen" and Owen replies faintly "I know." Will takes the shot killing Owen and ending his excrutiating pain. They walk away from Owen's body checking on every other mans floor and all have been cleared except for Owen's.

When they go back outside to let the woman and children know what happened to Owen Emma quickly asked "What Happened" when she did not see him walk through the doors. Will responded "He got killed by a walker that was tearing through his chest, there was nothing we could do to save him. His floor needs to be cleared out still but the rest of the floors are okay. " As Liam starts to cry Will tells everybody "Once everybody gets settled in we will clear out Owens floor and hold his funeral." Everybody agrees and they start to move on into the rooms they chose. 

As the last person gets setup Will gets everybody assembled out back where they have buried Owen. Will starts off the funeral saying "Life is Short, especially when you know the person dying. As we go along, we don't learn to deal with any types of pain. We just make room for it. Owen knew all of the better angels in all of us. He knew how to appeal to them as well. For now on, we will be doing it his way. We will not let his death go in vain." As Will finishes the group quietly say to themselves "Goodbye Owen..."

After the funeral, Will goes to see Emma, Brooke, Maya, and Leah in their hospital rooms and they all agreed that they don't want to talk about Owen right now because it might get too emotional. Will says to them "He's in a better place now..." and Will went back to his room so everybody would go to sleep.

The Next Day, Will and Alexander go down back into Owen's floor to clear out the cafeteria that they missed so they can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Will took a head count of approximately 20 walkers so they both went on separate sides and took each one of them down slowly one by one until the last one fell. Once they got the room clear the group woke up from all the noise.  Isabella asked Will "What's going on here? We heard silenced shots and a bunch of banging noises we thought you were in trouble." Will responded with "We had to finish off clearing out the cafeteria and kitchen to make it suitable for us to eat and cook stuff in." Isabella replied "Will come see me after practice in our room we need to talk."

Finally after breakfast Will goes into see Isabella And the first words that come out of her mouth are "Will I am Pregnent" and Will responds with "Why did you choose now to tell me?" Isabellla responds "because I figured since we are in a hospital" Isabella gets cut off by Will and says "How long have you known?" Isabella responds "Since the previous safe-zone was overrun" Will responds angrily "That was over a month ago!" Isabella responds "I know!"  As Isabella says that Will sees a Unknown Car that is pulling up into the hospital. Will picks up Alexander and takes him with him to meet up with the unknown car's occupants. 

Once they finally make it down the stairs to meet up with the occupants of the unknown car they raise their guns at them as they get out.  Each person gets out one at a time and Will asks "What is your name and What do you want" The group slowly separates to reveal their leader, Brian Blake in which he says "Well didn't expect this,Gentlemen no need for the Guns, we just want supplies." Will responds "How about you tell us who you are first" Brian responds "My name is Brian Blake, and I am the Governner of Woodbury. To my right is Bruce and to my Left is Caeser. We are just looking for some supplies and we don't want any trouble, now let's just holster our weapons agreed?" They both agree and all the men holster their equipment.