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So I was rewatching some of season 3 today and came across some interesting things. The governor mentions he has eyes in the prison but who could it be. The only people who have met him at this point in time are Andrea, Maggie, Glenn and Michonne. Andrea hasn't been to the prison at this point and Michonne hates the Governor's guts. Maggie hates him as well. In the episode Home, Glenn is really mad and when he is talking to Herschel outside of the prison it looks as if he is lying to Herschel. He gets in the truck and disappears. The Governor comes to the prison and has the gunfight. The walker truck comes bursting through the fence and a small guy steps out and runs off. The Governor leaves and Glenn comes driving up and the Governor doesn't do anything to him or his truck which is very unlike the Governor. I think Glenn made a deal with him to protect Maggie and I think Glenn drove the truck of walkers through the fence. What do you think? The back of his vest could easily be moved to the front for a similar breastplate. The clothes are the same colors and he would wear a helmet to hide his identity. The armor on his arms are similar to the prison guards and the holster is similar to Glenn's. Run is similar also