Okay so people have been talking about who we will be seeing after the Governor as the main antagonist, and in the comics the main two are The Hunters or current comic antagonist Negan.

Now personally, I think the governor is going to be hidden until Episode 8, but at the very end he will return. I can imagine tension building  through the episodes before about something else, and after thats all sorted you hear Maggie shout for Rick. As Rick runs down to the gate you see the look of terror and shock on his face. You see the Governor and his tank and new group. And then he shouts those famous words, `KILL THEM ALL` Then the credits roll, I think that would be badass!

I think after this the battle should take place in Ep 9 and it should end with a few main characters dying, including the Governor. After this I want the group to decide they need to hit the road and look for someplace new. Then they can meet Eugene and co. 

Now what I think they should do is save the hunters for S5. Have the rest of S4 be all about survival on the road, and hear me out here. If they have the hunters introduced I think the show will repeat itself in a way.. I mean S1/S2 You had Shane as a sort of antagonist, and then S3/S4 you have the Governor. Do we really want another antagonist/group thrown in imeditally? I think it will became bland and boring if they do that again.. I think it would be better to have it about the core survival.

Then S5 have the hunters introduced for half a season, because I don't think you can pull them off for a full season.. But thats just me! Then I think they should think of a completely new storyline to go from S5 1/2 to S7. I think if they just go from comic storyline to comic storyline things will become too expected... Plus I think they could write some really good stories! Then S7 I would say introduce Negan. But hey thats just me:) Tell me what you think!