So as all you know the Season 5 trailer is finally out! Now, I know I'm a bit late, but I've been on holiday :P Now, I've watched the trailer too many times now, and I've picked up a lot of things and would like to share them with you; the wiki. Now as we all know, the Walking Dead trailers are nearly always very misleading, so let's get started.

This is a analysis and a prediction blog, so please share your thoughts below!

What happens with Terminus.

Now, from what the trailer shows the group do infact escape the boxcart, but not for long as the group gets kidnapped. We see Rick, Bob, Daryl and Glenn kneeling down with a group of others. (Sam possibly with them?) Gareth claims that he never wanted to hurt them, and it seems he is reading from some sort of a book, possibly the bible. Before they're killed, Bob pipes up and explains about Eugene and the cure, and Gareth seems intrigued enough to spare them.

Now Gareth says that they will travel with them to Washington and they will work on the cure. However, I think it's much more likely that Rick and co fuck shit up at Terminus the first chance they get, as we do in see the trailer. I think that after this, Rick and Co will make their on way to Washington, but Gareth and a few other termites will be tracking them; like the Hunters. If you look closely Gareth is in near to no scenes after Terminus.

Tyresse and Carol join the group again.

During the trailer they don't try to hide that Ty and Carol meet up with Rick and the others. We see Rick with Judith quite a few times, so happy reunions right? Or will there still be tension between Rick and Carol? I doubt it, but you never know.

On the road, possibly Atlanta.

We see quite a few shots of Daryl and Carol in a city, and we see Eugene kicking ass with his fire engine hose. I have a feeling that they're in Atlanta at this point, looking for supplies or possibly Beth?

Gabriel, The Church and the Hunters.

Now later on in the trailer we see the group at the church, clearly the one from Volume Eleven. Now this is where I think the remaining Termites will start to pick off Rick's group, or alteast try. Now like in the comics, the group seem to question Gabriel, claiming as soon as he turned up their people start to disappear. Sasha clearly says three people are gone. From what we can see Daryl and Bob don't seem to present at the church, so eithier they could be dead by this point, captured by the hunters or simply not seen in the used clips. But we do know three people will be going missing. So who's the third? Beth?

Abe seems to think that the group needs to move on and that nothing should hold them back from getting to Washington. I think we'll see some of the Rick/Abe tension from the comics with Rick not wanting to leave behind his people, especially so if Daryl is one of them. We see Gabriel crying, probably after he tells the group of his story.

I do think the hunters will be the remaining termites, but who knows...

Beth and the Hospital.

Now the hospital seems to be something original to the TV series, as we didn't see anything like this in the comics. Now it looks like Beth has a bandaged arm and quite a few people have been saying it could be an attempt at an vaccanation, and that the 'system' is try out different vaccanations on people, hoping to find a cure. Now this makes a lot of sense from what we've seen from the trailer, and Beth is seen trying to escape.

But how does this play into the Terminus story? Are they linked?


Okay when it comes down to it, I think Bob is almost certaintly dead. After the Terminus scenes I don't think he's anywhere to be seen, or are they just doing this to toy with us? In the panning shot of the group in the church, at the end Maggie clearly speaking to someone but we don't get to see who. Could this be Bob? I don't think so.

I also think S5 will be the end of Daryl. I feel like they aren't focusing on him that much this season, and I feel like after the whole 'You're my brother' thing, Daryl is ready to die. Maybe after he reunites with Beth.

I also can't shake the feeling that Tyresse is the one to deliver the tainted meat line, if anyone does. I feel his character fits the role and the fact that Sasha is clearly deeply upset by these missing people could mean that it could be Tyreese. But who knows?

Glenn and Negan?

Now I'm sure most of you have seen theories regarding Negan in the trailer. The shot that lasts a couple of seconds, where a bald man is swinging a bat at Glenn? Not Negan. No way. They would not put something like that in the trailer, It's way too early for Negan, he wouldn't be at Terminus eithier. They put that clip in the trailer to make us fear for Glenn's life and so fans of the comic can get hyped for Negan. It's a trick, and I would bet my life on it not being Negan. ( Let's hope I don't die soon eh?;D )

End of the blog!

Okay, so thankyou for reading my blog and I hope that you share your thoughts in the comments below!