Hey guys! So I haven't made a blog in a looooonggg time, and I'm pretty bored at the moment; so I thought I would make one. Now obviously this blog is in my opinion, but the point is to see what you guys think to. So let's get started.

5) More character realtionships.

I'm not sure if that's the right title for the subject, but let me explain.

I miss when Rick and Glenn used to have their little chats. I want to see Carl and Daryl talk some more. I want to see Maggie and Michonne become friends.

What I'm trying to say is, most of this group have been survivng together for over a year and a half now. Why is it in Season 4, Rick and Glenn barely spoke? Why did Carl suddenyl stop speaking to Beth? And why did Maggie not ever mention Beth when on the road? And don't tell me; She thought she was dead. Really, Beth had more chances of being alive than Glenn really. I want to see Abe and Tyreese talk, as that's something we never got to see in the comics. I understand everyone can't speak to everyone, but at least give them a few scenes together.

I understand that most people may not get what I'm getting at here, but it's hard to explain:P

4) New and Diverse Deaths.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the walking dead deaths. Some are really cool and well done, and some want to make you sit in a cupboard and cry for days on end. However, I want to see some new ways of characters dying. I understand that a majority of deaths will be by Walkers or Humans, but why not anything like accidents or starvation?

I feel like in Season 4 they started to do this. Zach's death was an accident and I think that death was brilliant. We also had the infection storyline which introduced a new threat. But I think it'd be cool to see a death that could of easily been prevented, but was just an unfortunate accident. Car crash? Falling from a building? Friendly fire? Now two of these we have seen, Lori crashing in style, and Andrea shooting Daryl. But neither of these events killed the characters. 

Also, I think dehydration or starvation would be an interesting way to have a character go. Surely now how far in the apocalypse they are, considering they are on the road also; food must be pretty hard to find? Just a thought.

3) Mentioning of previous events.

Again, they started to do this in Season 4. The Governor and Michonne mention Andrea. We see Carol telling Mika about Sophia, and I remember that scene just made me think back to the first time I saw Sophia walk out of the barn. Brilliant. Another time was when Carl mentioned Shane, really adding to the Rick/Carl tension. Now I think little things like these are great, and are something that make the show feel more real.

Oh, and one thing that really bothers me. Have they fucking forgotten about the CDC?

Ever since Season 2, correct me if I'm wrong they haven't mentioned the CDC, and they've had plenty of reasons too. When Andrea was helping Miltion test a walker, why didn't Andrea mention it, explain it to him? She got a pretty good explanation. When Rick and co found the prisoners why didn't they mention the CDC to help explain. Now they're with Eugene, someone who claims he can stop the infection, (COMIC SPOILERS) which we know he's lyingSurely Glenn or Rick are going to mention that they were at the CDC? I understand that RK regrets the choice but jesus it happened, don't just forget it.

2) Amping up the walkers.

Again, Season 4 started this too. (Season 4 is getting things right!) In Season 1 I found the walkers scary, Season 2 I thought they were sort of drifting away, but the finale proved me wrong. However in Season 3 they aren't really a problem. Sure one bites Herschel but when the Governor drops the walkers off in their yard, it doesn't take them long to clear them out. And taking the prison wasn't really a problem eithier; The walkers just seemed to be a nuisance.

Now in Season 4 they were a problem, with the building up at the fences and the infection. And once they're on the road again they are also a threat. I just hope in Season 5 they continue to show that walkers are a problem, not something just to stab every once in a while.

1) Pacing things correctly.

Now I know not everyone liked the Infection storyline, but I thought it was great and made the show feels fresh and diverse from the comics. It also made sure we didn't rush through straight to the Governor, as he isn't the only problem. This is something that has always been present in the TV show, however everyone keeps saying that by the end of Season 5 we should be in Alexandria, and by Season 6 we should meet Negan. I think not. I feel like that's a rush, Season 5 could be terminus and on the road, and Season 6 could be in Alexandria with storylines from the comics and new ones for the TV show. And I want to see the No Way Out storyline. That way, we won't rush through the story and we hopefully get some great storylines.

Way I see it:

Season 5: Terminus and on the road.

Season 6:  Alexandira alone. Ends with Jesus looking over Alexandira. (Imagine that cliffhanger...)

Season 7: Meeting the hilltop and The Kingdom, then the introduction of Negan.

Season 8&9: All out War.

I'm not what after, as I feel the time-skip wouldn't work in the TV show. This is just my opinion and I'm sure some of you disagree. I'm sure my opinon will change after Season 5 anyway:P


Thanks for reading guys! Sorry this was sort of rushed, let me know what you think in the comments! I'm sure what you want will be different!