Hey guys! As many of you may know sooner or later this season we're going to meet a character called Gareth. Now it's been said that he isn't a direct adaption from the comics, but a mixture of sorts. Now I have a theory on this that ties in with "Ternimus."

Okay first I couldn't find the source (So you'll have to trust me here!) but RK has said he'll be a mixture of characters from the comic. So I'm thinking he may be a mixture of Gabirel Stokes, and the hunters. I know that sounds wierd but here me out!

Okay so first we know he's going to a mix of some characters from the charater, and I know it's a weak point but Gareth and Gabirel do sound alike. But my main point for thinking this is the name of.... Sanctuary. Those who arrive, survive.

Now if you ask me, that could be seen as a pretty religious name. So what if this guy Gareth, has a church and invites people on his radio and tells them his location with the signs, and when they arrive, well they dont survive..

Well thats why I think! Tell me what you think below!