Changes from comic to Tv show I thought were good!

Hey guys! I've noticed some people have been picking at the TV show recently, and for good reason I totally agree. But I think the TV show has done somethings better than the comics, or added some pretty cool stuff. Here is a list!

(Obviously spoilers for the TV show up to S04EP04 and comics up to the end of Volume 4)

1) Glenn's haircut. 
Kidnap-glenn 528x297

Glenn with no hair, and with hair.

Now I know this is a really small detail, but I am really glad they didn't include Glenn cutting his hair off. When he did it in the comics I was just like oh okay, you're bald. I can deal with that. But knowing he has hair in the TV show makes me happy xD

Say what you will xD

2) Letting Shane survive to see the Farm.
Shane-Daryl Handoff

Shane and Daryl at Hershel's farm.

I think this let Shane develop a lot more and it kept things fresh and different. I think it would of been stupid to see him die in S1 only after 6 episodes. I think in S2 is when we see Shane go full crazy, be a threat. Also him killing Otis and opening the barn, nice ideas. And that last scene when Shane tries to kill Rick. I loved it. That one quote. "You did this! Not me!"

3) The CDC.

CDC Control Room

The group in the CDC.

Adding this to the finale of S1 was a great idea. It skimmed the surface of the infection but we were basically informed this show will never have a cure, there really is nothing left. I think Jenner was a great character and seeing the group react was great. Also it was a good way for Rick to find out about everyone being infected giving him a moral dilemma.

4) Daryl and Merle Dixon.
TwdHome Dixons

Daryl and Merle Dixon.

Now I know a lot of people hate Daryl but hear me out! Introducing Daryl and Merle was a great idea. The whole Merle rooftop situation, Daryl questioning his loyalty to the group for Merle. Plus they're both two great characters! Merle was great and he was one of my favourites. But Daryl, S1-S2 he was good, now hes a flawless cash machine. S2 we saw him being a dick. S3-S4 is all about doing whats best for the group and trying to be the good guy. But come on everyone has flaws! I want to say Daryl fuck up... But I stand by the fact they were good ideas.

5) Carols departure.

Carol being kicked out.

Now we can all agree Carol is very different Comic-Tv wise. I prefer the comic character simpy as I find her more intresting. But I think Carol in the TV show is great too! Her change from S1-S4 was great! But of the most recent episode she has been kicked out! Exiled! And I think it was fucking great writing. Her reaction to Ricks reasoning and then Sharon's song Serpents playing. Amazing. And I'm sure we'll be seeing her again one day.

6) The prison flu. 

Season 4 Flu

The Flu at it's finest.

I think adding this flu to the mix in Season 4 was a great idea. It's a threat that they really can't deal with for certain. The medicine might not even work! Also it presents a serious threat to characters such as Glenn and Sasha. I'm pretty sure there is no flu like this in the comics and I think it's a great idea. Gives a lot of storyline options too. Such as; Carol killing Karen and David leading to Ty's anger. Hershel risking his life. Glenn and Sasha's chance of death. The group leaving for the hospital place! I think this is a great way to fill some of S4 up.

7) T-Dog


Lastly, T-DOG! I don't care what you say, the fact this man exsisted gives the show a one up from me. Always in our hearts T-dog.

Leave your thoughts below!