Glenn has been presumably DEAD since the episode "Thank You". And fans all over have been trying to prove AND disprove the legitamacy of his death. I'm here to say that if it is true that he isn't dead, how the group can save him. Let's start with the items we have to work with, we have; a dumpster, a flare gun, an RPG, and a truck. Each plays significant roles. Here's how I can see it playing out: Daryl's radio goes off with someone saying help, it has to be Glenn, as he was able to slide under the dumpster. Other posts have a lot of discussion about Nicholas' body protecting him from the walkers and how the other people with radios couldn't have been speaking. But back to the plot, he asks for anyones help, and Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are the ones to save him. It begins with Glenn disclosing his location, giving them details about where he is at, when finally he shoots his flare gun to signal his exact location. The alley is still filled with walkers. The RPG Abraham found will come to perfect use now, they attract the walkers with the truck's horn (Truck horns usually being loud and obnoxious) to attract them away from him. Which they then use the RPG to desimate many walkers to get Glenn out of there. But it doesnt end there, as they are surrounded. The only thing they have is the RPG and the Truck. The truck... is filled with gasoline. The rocket launcher blows up the truck once the group has gotten safely away from it. Sasha and Abraham clearing walkers with their weapons, someone uses the RPG to make a giant explosion and a huge firey mess of the truck. It kills a lot of walkers, and attracts most of them towards it. They get away with Glenn safe, but with all the walkers surrounding Alexandria, they have nowhere to go.. for now.