"This world is a mess, I miss the simple things we all used to have."
—Jack Stevens[src]

Jack Stevens is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game, currently on Beta on Facebook.


Alton, Illinois

Jack lived in Alton, Illinois before the outbreak began. Jack was self-employed and owned a business that sold electrical appliances. He was visiting his brother in Atlanta, Georgia at the beginning of the outbreak. Jack was forced to kill his brother when he turned into a walker after an attack on their home.


Social Game

Jack Stevens is one of the many survivors at the camp present when the hero player arrives. He largely keeps to himself but will talk to the player about his past eventually. Jack misses the simple things in life that the zombie outbreak has prevented him from having. Although Jack seems to be quiet, he is an efficient zombie killer and is extremely useful with his hatchet. At the ending of Chapter 1, Jack made his way to the Military outpost camp after the others had gone on their way.


  • Find Antibiotics.
  • Find Food.
  • Find Supplies.
  • Find Ammo.
  • Clear the Area.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Jack Stevens has killed:

  • His unnamed brother
  • Numerous counts of zombies