Hey everyone, It's J_Shepard. I have been asked to create another Character description blog for the newest characters in Noah's Story. So, here you go and I hope it gives you a better picture :D :

  • Jerry: Age-44 , Height-6" 2', Weight- 235 lbs., Hair Color- Brownish Gray, Hair Length- Balding, Build- Rather built for a man his age, Personality- Stern and sometimes strict, but very loving and a father figure to many.
  • Laura: Age-42 , Height- 5" 8' , Weight- 192 lbs. , Hair Color- Dark Black but with a few gray hairs, Hair length- Past shoulders when not in a bun, Build- Slim and somewhat petite, Personality- Intelligent and resourceful, but also very tender hearted and loving.
  • Cora- Age-29, Height- 5" 9' , Weight- 190 lbs. , Hair Color- Light brown, Hair Length- Past shoulders, wavy , Build- Hour glass figure, well built and in fit shape, Personality- Smug and snide, has a very selfish out look on how to survive the apocolypse, and doesn't handle not getting what she wants well.
  • Sam: Age-32 , Height- 6" 5', Weight- 230 lbs.(Muscle) , Hair Color-Shaved head/ Appears to be brown , Hair length-Shaved , Build-Practically a body builder , Personality- Easy to anger, and piss off. Appears to be easily interested in the opposite sex provided their well shaped.