Hey guys, if you don't already know, I'm the guy that's been posting the blog posts about the fan series T.W.D.: Noah's Story. When I had the idea for this series, like many writers probably do, I didn't think anyone would like it. Most fan made stories, from my experiences, end up being okay but don't have a big impact. I was really shocked when I started getting comments telling me how it was amazing and that people actually wanted me to keep going. I have been really touched by this, and I just wanted to let all of you who have commented on the story, sent in your support and hopes, and your urges for me to not stop, that you have all given me a new hope in myself and my abilities as an actor/writer and have given me a new sense of worth...Wow that sounded almost as corny as the line I gave Dale in my story (if you've read it you'll probably get the reference. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone here know of my intentions for this series/story. I plan to take it as far as the actual Show goes, and I know that means I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm up for the challenge, as long as I keep getting the wonderful comments I've been getting :) . Now I just wanted to make a request: If you read the story, please leave your comments about it on the blogs page, I like hearing what you guys have to say, and it can help me make the series even better, so please leave your comments when/if you read it. Also I have a few ideas that I'd like to have your opinions on before I put them in the story, their not a big deal but I'd like to see what you guys think:

  • Noah and Amy start a small relationship(Non-Sexual relationship): I've hinted towards this a little already, but wanted to see what you guys thought before I go ahead with it.
  • Noah and Daryl Friendship: So far Noah and Daryl have had a rough patch relationship, and I was wondering if you guys wanted it to stay that way, or would you like to see them actuall bond and become good friends.
  • Noah and Dale make a promise: I've thought that sense Noah and Dale have somewhat similar personalities if I should also have them form something of a special bond. Dale being the fatherly figure with a voice of reason, and Noah being the young heart-strong kid, they find refuge in this and both promise that they will be the emotional suppport and voices for the group the best that they can.

Well, that's it so far. Again, thanks to everyone who has given me this amazing drive to keep this going and alive, and I hope to not let any of you down. And remember, please leave your comments on the stories blogs and comments on things like this, so I can understand how you guys are reacting to this and see which parts of the story I need to improve. Thanks again to everyone, and I hope you stick around to see the big bang I have planned between Shane and Noah that will occur when I get to the Season 2's ending! Thanks again everybody :D !!!