Hey everyone, it's J here. Well, season one of Noah's Story has now ended, and Season 2 is already going through the drawing boards (so to speak lol). Anyway, I just wanted to say a few things to those of you who have been with Noah from the very beginning, and also to those who may have just recently gotten into Noah's Story. First off, I wanted to thank those who have given their support since I started this story, and all of the people who have written to me their support and wonderul feedback, as well as some respecftul constructive critiscm. When I started this story, I never, in my wildest dreams, thought it would become so well recieved. As an aspiring actor/writer, this gives me hope that maybe I can actually fufill my dreams (pardon the cheesiness XD lol). And I never thought that people would want me to keep it going, which I have no problem doing believe me :D. Second, I know that some people have said that they feel the story is too typical since it's based off the T.V. Series, but I DID say that that was my intentions; Not to just tell the same story, but introduce a set of characters that have had a tremendous effect on the rest of the survivors and brought, I hope, another layer of family and faith in knowing that they can't do this alone. I am also pleased to see that the relationship I created between Noah and Shane has been well recieved as well, as that was one of my goals; To give Shane a more caring and loving feel, because I personally like the character of Shane, and honestly I felt bad for him. I mean, here was a man that had noone, and then was put in a position of leadership that he is not used to having. Plus he becomes drawn to a woman who he hoped would give him a sense of purpose and love. I know that some of the things he did were wrong, but at the same time I feel that people were to quick to label him a villain. That's why I made this father/son relationship between him and Noah, to hopefully give him another reason to live, so he can make sure Noah does as well. Who knows, maybe in the end Shane won't die, it entirely depends on how I end up writing it up until that point, b/c I AM planning on saving some characters that I feel left the show to soon. Also, I'm surprised to see that Jonah has become a big fan favorite :D. I never thought that he would become that popular, and I'm excited when I hear people say they wanna see more of him, which you will. Ali has also become an intersting character to me, seeing her evolve in season 2 will be a real challenge for me, but I also am thinking that with the way she is evolving is going to make her a liked character as well. Third, and this is very important, I am really wanting to hear from all of you what you have come to love about Noah's Story: Your favorite parts of season 1, your favorite character or how you may like how one of the T.V. series' characters were portrayed. What you want to see happen between the group, or even your input on current relationships in the group. Whatever your want to say please feel free to add (as long as it's appropriate and respectful). Fourth, and this was just a funny idea of mine, I thought to myself a few days ago what kinda theme song would Noah have, if it was a current song you would hear on the radio or online. I went through a few ideas, but one of the ones I felt really clicked was Katy Perry's "Wide Awake"...Now before anyone say's anything, I don't mean how the song is about a break-up, but how Noah is starting to lose everything he thought he had and he is having to accept it the best he can and let it make him stronger, which is what I think one of the meanings of the songs is. Anyway, what would you think Noah's theme song would be, as well as Ali's, Jonah's and any other survivor in the group. Just thought this would be fun to do :D. Lastly, I just wanted to again thank everyone who has been with me throughout this entire journey. I have always been a very big-hearted person, and when everyone here came up and supported, it gave me hope that MAYBE this world isn't going completely out of control :D. Thank you all for your support, your wonderful comments and ideas, and to everyone who has stood up and defended this story and told people they should read it, they really touched my heart that people has suggested it to people. Again, thank you all for your amazing support, and I hope you stick around...b/c if you thought the finale of Season 1 was big, wait till you see season 2 ;D, Thx again and I hope you all continue to follow Noah's Story. J Shepard 12:38, May 29, 2012 (UTC)