Hey guys, just in case you didn't know I'm back from my trip :). It was nice, but I'm glad to be home. Anyway, when I got back and checked up on the posts 4 Noah's Story, I noticed a new string of comment from a unknown user. These comments all really struck me hard, not in a bad way but in a "realization" way. Whoever this person is... is right. This whole time I thought that by making new characters, putting them in the storyline, and changing a few things up a bit, that that made it -in its own way- original. However, I was wrong. Looking back I now see that everything they said was right; I haven't been realistic, I haven't been sharing the spotlight with the other characters as much as I should have, and I have made Noah practically invincible. Sad thing is... I really didn't realize it until now and that hurts me. I thought I was doing something that was not exactly my own thing, but just a way of introducing new characters that I thought would have made other characters in the story somewhat different. The relationship between Noah and Shane was meant to be one of those changes of character, the relationship between future characters are going to change differently too. This leads me to the ultimate question... should I go on? I want to, I really do. This is something that I have been working really hard on, and my family is supporting me too. I have spent many day's working on Noah's Story and I have found a love in my work in the process. However, I don't want to be fooling myself when I say that maybe someone higher-up would like it. This is part of what I want to do with my life; not just be an actor but possibly a writer/screenplay writer as well. I want you all to be completely honest with me, and if you really mean what you've been telling me all along then please say so. I want to keep going, I want to make this better and I want to see the characters evolve better. That being said, I feel that maybe part of my troubles is seeing exactly what things I need to change about the storyline (Without there being any drastic changes in my major plot lines). So, if you could also tell me something pertaining to this as well I'd really appreciate it. I'm also going to post a few ideas that I want to have you're opinions on, their not for sure yet so please don't jump the gun :)

  • Dale/Andrea Relationship
  • Future Deaths of Cora and Sam
  • Sams attempt to "coerce" Ali into sleeping with him
  • Laura discovering Lori's secret
  • and others

These are just a few of the ideas I have to put into season 2, but before I went any further I would like to hear your opinion on them. And also, no one say anything mean or hurtful to the one who has posted the comments I mentioned. If anything, be happy because this may actually help me make Noah's Story better in future Part's. I would like to thank this mystery contributer: Whoever you are you have helped me a lot with your comments. I appreciate your kindness with your constructive criticsm and I hope you will also post your thoughts on this blog. Thanks again to everyone who has helped me get this far, and I hope you continue to follow Noah's Story. --J Shepard 05:21, June 24, 2012 (UTC)