Hey everybody, nice to talk to you all again :). Okay, as the title say's I've been working on a adaptation of the walking dead T.V. Series, the story is still the same, all the characters pretty much do the same things and all deaths and appearances will follow the the same story arc. The only difference is that I have added three new characters that are introduced then meet up with the Atlanta Group. The main character of the three is a 18 year old boy named Noah, who, during the outbreak, is at college and flees with his teacher, they save his sister from being trapped in her school, and they make their way to Atlanta. The big kicker of the brother and sister is that they were the Grimes neighbors, their parents knew each other b/c Noah and Ali's (sister) father was the chief of police. Noah has always loved Rick, Lori and Shane and considers them his family. I know I keep saying this ;), but the big big kicker is that Noah and Shane Walsh share a special bond with each other, Noah always considered Shane as a second father and Shane had similar vice-versa feelings for Noah. The real difference in the adaptation is that Noah throughout the story finds out that Shane is losing control of his feelings and emotions and is trying to convince him to move on and let it go (i.e. Lori's rejection, Ricks return, etc.), and in the end before Shanes death, I plan for there to be a big final climatic, intense moment between them before Noah has to make the decision to defend Rick. I haven't gotten that far yet, b/c I have now just finished the big portion revealing a interesting secret about Noah and his family, a secret that (I hope) adds an unexpected to twist to the adaptation in the future. I don't know if I'll keep everything in it, which is why I was wanting to share it with you guys first, so I could hear how loyal fans of the series and W.A. world think of it. I don't know if I could upload it here (it's a pages doc.) and was wondering where the easiest place that everyone could access it from, so more people could see it. I just have one request: Please don't be mean about it, if you don't like it that's okay. Please tell me what you think would be better or could be added to add more interest please let me know. Just don't be mean/hateful to it, b/c this has taken a lot of work so far, and I'm wanting to continue it for as long as I can. Thanks to everyone who reads this and I hope you will enjoy it...as soon as I figure out where I should put it. P.S. I'm not sure if I need to do this HERE but just to be safe: I own none of the rights to the characters, events, places anynthing else within the realm of the walking dead, this is purely fan written, and I don't plan to sell or try to infringe any part of it. Thanks everyone!!!