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TWD: Noah's Story Character Descriptions

Hey guys, thought of this a day or so ago, but now have gotten around to doing it. I wanted to do this so the readers could have a precise image of Noah, Ali, and Jonah. Hope this gives you a better picture

  • Noah: Age-18 Height- 6' Weight- 205 lbs. Hair Color- Brown Hair Length- Short Build-Athletic/not muscular Personality- Emotional but strong willed and hearted.
  • Ali: Age- 16 Height- 5' 5" Weight- 155 lbs. Hair Color-Black Length-Past shoulders Build-Hour glass figure Personality- Loving and caring but can be emotional
  • Jonah: Age 40 Height-6' 3" Weight- 220 lbs. Hair Color- Black/graying Hair Length- Short/balding on top Build-Muscular(Built as a man would be who exercises regularly) Personality-Wise, caring, but tough and stern

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