Hey everyone, It's J again. I know you're all probably wondering wherer Part 10 is, and believe me I wish it was up already because I'm really eager to get to "Pretty Much Dead Already". I, however, have been cursed with the biggest cases of Writers Block and I'm trying to get everything planned before I go too far into my writing. I really appreciate you're patience and understanding, because for those who write a lot too, you can understand what I mean XP . Also I'm sneak peaking the new character I'm introducing in Part 10, who is going to have a powerful impact in the story. Three main reasons why are because: 1) She develops feelings for Shane and 2) She has a very sad past that has put her through different kinds of pain the other survivors have never experienced, and 3) She is a talented shooter. Here is her character description:

Name: Sara , Age: 28 , Height: 5" 8' , Weight: 190 lbs. , Hair Color: Dark Red (Natural) , Hair Length: Past Shoulders , Build: Very well shaped but her shape is natural , Personality: Very loving and friendly, but she is also a very tough women. Prefers to let her actions be what people judge her on, and not her looks. She also holds a sad past and is weary of sharing details on her past life. Very cool headed.

I hope you all are eager to see Sara in action, because she is going to be around for the rest of season 2 and definitely in Season 3. And who knows? Maybe her feelings for Shane may become something more ;) . Thanks again and I appreciate all of the support. :D