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JPeel August 16, 2012 User blog:JPeel

I've looked around and haven't found much. According to rumors however, the 19th issue (first appearance of Michonne) is incredibly valuable- somewhere around $350 from what I hear. That's referring to first printing, by the way. I have also heard the first issue is worth a lot.

Presently, I have a first print of Issue 75 and I'm trying to find out its worth. Can I get any help on this?

Issue 50 and 100 are also great landmarks for this series. How much would #50 go for approximately? And when can collectors expect the value of #100 to raise?

Please and thank you.

PS: I love some of the blog posts you guys have been doing about #101 and predictions for #102. Very entertaining. Knowing Kirkman like we do, shit is about to get real.


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