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  • JPeel

    I don't know what happened to the art form, quite sincerely, my friends. But if it wasn't dead before, this night has most certainly killed what was left of it and nailed down the coffin. For those of you who are unaware, one of the worst season finales of any show ever just aired, and yet, one of the greatest attrocites against graphic novel adaptations and the zombie genre as a whole has just been committed. I cannot, with any joy or humor in my tone, discuss the harmful nature of the piss-poor content that Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have just subjected us to. 

    They literally ended the episode in the MIDDLE of Negan's introduction, for one. The scene was going along great, then... 

    - cut to black.

    - roll credits. 

    From this, I am fairly…

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  • JPeel

    In Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead, we saw our friendly-neighborhood doctor, Denise Cloyd, reunite with her twin brother in the backroom of their family-owned pharmacy. This absolutely brilliant idea drew from a similar scenario in the first episode of Telltale's Season 1 video game. 

    Lee's encounter with his twin brother, who is too rotten to walk, confirms his fear that his family is dead.

    From the very beginning, Denise's interest in venturing out to the pharmacy simply feels out-of-character for her. Although we don't exactly know what she's been doing throughout these intervals of time, apart from treating Carl's eye wound, we soon find that she's not just attempting to overcome her fears. Her request to visit the pharmacy com…

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  • JPeel

    By this time, every year, we usually know more about the 2nd half of the current season. Am I missing something? Or is AMC intentionally being very secretive about these next eight episodes? 

    Also, I enjoy seeing the two posters from each half of every season because it often gives us a good idea of what the DVD/BluRay cover will look like, but neither of the Season 6 posters look like they would transfer well as cover art. Does anybody have more information on this? Are these really the official pictures? (One of them is literally all black with three letters on it / looks like the handiwork of MicrosoftPaint).

    There have even been many sites in the past which will intentionally spoil the show, for those who don't want to wait, but none of th…

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  • JPeel

    On December 4th....

    October 18, 2013 by JPeel

    New show coming our way, this time from TNT. 

    Frank Darabont (Season 1 and 2) teams up with Shane (Jon Bernthal), and rumor is that Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) will be along shortly as well, depending on how the series does. 



    The show looks great. Check out the trailer if you get the chance: 


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  • JPeel

    I remember an interview from maybe a year ago, when Negan was first introduced, and Kirkman stated that he'd be around for a while- possibly survive longer than the Governor did. This news made me happy at the time. Still does. I'm just praying that Kirkman has not changed his mind and that he decides to keep Negan around for a long while. 

    Am I the only person that wants Negan to win this war? He needs to regain control of the situation and, if at all possible, I would love to see Rick become one of his henchmen; an enforcer of sorts.

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