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Possible End to Episode 5 Walking Dead Game-JUST AN IDEA

JJSWAN November 1, 2012 User blog:JJSWAN

The group finds Clementine and Campman, kill Campman, arrive at the Marsh House, save her parents, go back to the house, get the boat into the water, and Lee and Clementine stay behind for a little while

Lee's bite has festered and he is growing sick. They walk to a nearby hilltop, and he chains himself to a tree. Clementine says "Lee? What are you doing?"

"We're taking care of some things, Clem," he says back sadly. He hands her a revolver, as the sun is going down.

"Why?" Clem moans, beginning to sob.

"We have to," Lee says, "or else I will turn into a monster. We don't want me to become one like Duck almost did, right?"

"Yes," Clem says fearfully.

"Come here, Clem," Lee says, and she hugs him tearfully. A few tears drip down Lee's face, and splash on Clementine, making her cry harder.

"I love you, Lee," she says amidst her tears, head down.

"I love you too, sweat pea," Lee says, as she hugs him again.

"Here," Clem says, handing him her walkie-talkie with the sticker, sticking it in his pocket. "Keep in touch," she says, patting the other in her pocket. Lee is sobbing uncontrolably, as a drum beat comes in.

"I love you, sweet pea," Lee says again, as Clem raises the pistol.

"Love you too, Lee," she says, pulling the trigger.

She collapses next to his body, crying into the grass.


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