I've noticed these four things in the Walking Dead game that are very ironic. LOL


In the beginning, when we meet Lee, he's in handcuffs. In the end (Determinant), he dies in handcuffs.


In the beginning, Clem gives Lee a hammer to kill a walker. In the end, Lee gives Clem a bat to kill a walker. That symbolizes how Clem has grown strong and that Lee is no longer the strong one.


At the beginning, Lee picks up the shotgun shells and sees Clem at the top of the hill. At the end, Clem picks up the shotgun shells and sees 2 people at the top of the hill.


At the end, you get a achievement that's titled, "Stay Close To Me", which reminded me of when you first meet Clementine, and Lee takes Clementine's hand and says, "Stay close to me."

Just some notes I took while playing, and while watching a playthrough. Pretty cool stuff.