Okay, first off, I want to give a sincere congratulations to Glen Mazzara and Ernest Dickerson, who did a superb job in  directing and writing the Season 3 finale of the TV Series of The Walking Dead. A few people I have conferred with have dubbed this finale as a downer. Or a distinguishably poor episode in general. My response to these "responses," were, in actuality, "fuck you." Okay, my point. Andrea and Rick. Flashback to episode 2 of Season 1. "Guts." Rick walks into the department store, Andrea threatens him with her handgun for causing the immediate threat of the attracted and advancing zombies. However, furthermore, she discovers that her pistol had, in fact, been on safety. This is where the ironicness comes in. Advance in the storyline to the finale of Season 3. Andrea has been bitten and infected by a zombified Milton, and is fever-induced and drousy. Rick and his group discover her dying form, and Andrea begs him for his gun, attempting to commit suicide to prevent herself from reanimating. She remarks that she knows how to use the safety now. I almost died at this point, as I was one of the only people around who could not the ironic aspect to the situation. I almost cried. "Welcome to the Tombs," is, in fact, one of the best finales I could've wished for for Season 3.