This is just some theories to what could go on in Season 3 with what we know, heard, and seen. As we all know the actor who played Merle in Season 1 and was in Season 2 as a dream, has said that he will be coming back. Majority of people whom have thought about his has come up with a great theory that they will find him in the prison. If that was to happen, you need to put into effect how that would affect Daryl. How would he take the reunion of his lost brother? Would it affect Darly relationship with Carol? In addition, Merle might have bad intention to harm Rick and or T-Dog (for basically leaving him for dead). People came up with the thought that Merle might attack Rick and attempt to cut off his hand. Personally, I believe nothing will happen to Rick's hand. Robert Kirkman himself said that he regreated cutting off Rick's hand, a great point is that how could he reload. But, if that was to happen; all we can hope for is that Rick find his special handy-dandy hatchet. Ideas that T-Dog might replace Tyreese, I see it as a understandable idea. We would like to see T-Dog step up with more lines and zombie kills. One thing to point out on the topic of Tyreese is the fact that in the comic he is together with Julie and Chris, originally in the comic Rick finds out about the reanimation factors through Julie's and Chris death's. Having Julie and Chris it would add an addition of realism to the idea of the end of the world with Zombies, because as we all know Julie and Chris have a suicide pact. But, they did add that idea of it with the attempt with Beth. This topic was discussed with the death of Dale and whom would Andrea have. With the addition of Michonne, there might be an addition of relationships within the group. Daryl will have an interesting one with Carol(w/ the reunion of Merle), possiblity but highly doubtful is a relationship between T-Dog and Michonne but there my be a misunderstanding with the possible reunion with Morgan and Duane, a big one that I would like to see is the marriage of Glenn and Maggie(married in the prison). Robert Kirkman said in an interview that there might be a possibility that they might split the season in have like last season. If they do that there is gonna be something happening at the end of the mid-season finale, so what could those big things consist of. I can think that if they of Richards they will have the death Beth, if Merle causes a lot of trouble you might see the deaht of Merle(personally I wouldn't like that because it would be nice to see Merle clean up and become a good person within the group), most likely there will probably be the death of someone, but I think that in the best interest is that they would introduce the Governor at that point. Maybe they would end it in a cliff hanger with the Governor attacking the prison. But, we might see the group at the prison the whole season. Which would be interesting, because that would lead to a lot of soon deaths, babies being born, and the introduction of the Alexandria safe zone. Problem is that they might be going a little to fast with that, personally I wouldn't like the deaht of dear survivors. Hint: Lori's death.