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    Season 3 Theories!

    March 19, 2012 by IonicGamer

    This is just some theories to what could go on in Season 3 with what we know, heard, and seen. As we all know the actor who played Merle in Season 1 and was in Season 2 as a dream, has said that he will be coming back. Majority of people whom have thought about his has come up with a great theory that they will find him in the prison. If that was to happen, you need to put into effect how that would affect Daryl. How would he take the reunion of his lost brother? Would it affect Darly relationship with Carol? In addition, Merle might have bad intention to harm Rick and or T-Dog (for basically leaving him for dead). People came up with the thought that Merle might attack Rick and attempt to cut off his hand. Personally, I believe nothing wi…

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