Granted Shane's Actor is amazing at his actoring of Shane, but Shane is stepping on everyone's back and fingers, when Carol's wanting to just leave and give up on Sophia. The only person he hasn't really messed with is Glenn and T-dog. Rick knows about Shane, Lori hates Shane, Dale hates Shane, Andrea is just blind of what Shane is and what he can do, Daryl doesn't like Shane because what he does to Carol like bugging her about leaving. Shane is seen has the "Villian" of Season 2. And honestly I love it. Normally everyone is saying "Oh i hate this season it's so slow." I'm sorry but it's only the first 6 episodes and I've seen some big things happens in that time. I had this blog asking what's your thought. Is Shane a villian or a hero. Is he a leader or a loser. I feel like he's just a villian just wanting to be killed off. In this world of the zombie invasion, I believe you have to keep a serious look on things and not just shoot and kill things. You have to plan things out just like Rick is doing. Honestly during something like this. I would find a community with flat land like a barn or simple place i can put farms in and make food for the community and honestly i bet a factory would also do good in a community and a train so a little town with a train and everything, Overall What's your thought of Shane is he a hero or a villian and do you think he's head on correctly and not waiting to blow up, or he just going to mess up again and get killed. Intayla 18:34, December 8, 2011 (UTC)