Hello, I'm Intayla I've had this account for about a week but I've edited so much, but one thing i can say is that i love it here, and I've been here for at least since Issue 80 of The Walking Dead, It's a nice place to meet and show people The Walking Dead lore or "spoilers" either way. If we can update this main page every Sunday or so. Like right before the show being aired or even right after the episode. I could do this for you (whoever runs this place, Hi) I'll be here for awhile because The Walking Dead is fun and annoyingly good at times. I've never missed a issue since 76 or so, so woah I've been reading this for awhile hehe. I'm a loser but either way i could tell you anything about Rick and Andrea or even Tyreese dun dun dun! hehe i love doing that. aka I hate T-dog. I'm not racist or anything like he said him being the only black guy in the group, ANYWAY I still hate him, and I love Daryl with his chaotic good kind of way (Talking Dead) Love that BTW you guys need to check that out everytime after the show. Well i guess i'll sign out on this note and chill on the site and see if we have anymore weird problems or a easier way to get to point A to point B for new comers. Because we don't want them to be lost, we want them to be in a Maze of awesomeness aka meaning they'll be clicking link to link to learn more about The Walking Dead. I call it the Clickie Clickie option (just made that up )