• InsideZombie

    Personaly i think that the group has booby trapped the prison some how, Maybe use the alarm to draw walkers towards the prison......

    Let me know your predictions :D

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  • InsideZombie

    The Rick Phone Game

    November 13, 2012 by InsideZombie

    Heres the game. Ricks on the other end of the phone and you have to pretend to be:



    1 dead survivor from the group of your choice

    What do you say to him ?!?!

    Comment below and tell me!!

    (Just alittle bit of fun)

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  • InsideZombie

    Considering that big tiny is massive and not the leader, something has to be wrong. If you saw the prisoners and you didnt know that Tomas was the leader then you would assume it is the biggest hardest looking guy.

    Also the name big tiny could mean big guy tiny brain.

    Let me know what you think guys, it would cirtainly be interesting if he is and he would get the group into alot of trouble if he is simple minded.

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