Welcome back!  This is the best season yet, so let's jump in!


Alive: Rick, Lori, Carl, Glenn, Andrea, Carol, Daryl, Dale, Seth, Jack, Madison, Lizzie, Mika, Otis, Hershel, Maggie, Patricia, Tyreese, Sasha, Julie, Chris 

Dead: Amy, Ed, Donna, Jacqui, Edwin, Sophia, Theodore, Shane, Allen 

Unknown: Morgan, Duane, Merle 


Episode 1: Rick picks up Hershel and sees the prisoners that were watching.  He sets Hershel down and points his gun at them, saying if anyone moves they die.  One man tells Rick they don't want to harm him and they have been there since the beginning.  Rick goes one by one and asks the prisoners what their name is.  They go down the line by saying Dave, Tony, Axel, Kent, Harold, Tomas, Dexter, Pauline and Nicole.  Hershel suggests that they tell Rick what they're in for, and Rick says no because they should all be on watch and they would lie to him if they were in for a bad crime.  Rick tells them to stay put and he rushes Hershel to the group.  Maggie and Patricia run to help him and they tie his leg to stop the bleeding.  Rick brings Jack, Seth, Daryl and Andrea to the prisoners so they can get to know them and see if they are any trouble.  After they interrogate them, everyone but Harold seems to be fine, and the group take him to be further looked into.  Rick tells the remaining prisoners to stay on their side of the prison and they won't get into any trouble.  They take back Harold and after questioning, he seems to just have been trying to look tough and he is okay, but Jack suggests that they keep him on their side for one night just to make sure he is okay.  The group get settled in and everything seems okay.  In the middle of the night, Rick wakes up to a screaming Otis who was just shot and killed.  When the group wake up, they find Otis dead and Harold missing.

Episode 2: Rick, Glenn, Seth, Andrea and Daryl all run to find Harold and when they find him, they shoot him dead without question.  Axel wakes up and asks what happened, and Rick said that Harold is an example of what happens when you mess with his group.  The prisoners accept what was done and Rick leaves.  Patricia is seen crying by Maggie and an unconcious Hershel and tells them she doesn't know what to do.  Maggie tells her she is so sorry and she loved Otis like an uncle and that they avenged his death.  Lizzie and Mika ask Carol what is going on and she says that they are living with bad people.  Lori talks to Rick and says she doesn't want her children living at the prison if this is what is going to happen.  Rick assures her that they solved the problem and that was it.  Dale talks to Andrea and how regrets not being there to help when everything went down with Shane at the farm as his trip was useless, but Andrea assures him it was worth it because they saved Tyreese.  Sasha and Tyreese talk about how they fear this wasn't the best group for them to enter.  Patricia takes a walk outside of the prison to try and clear her head, when she is taken by Dexter, Tomas, and Nicole.  Dexter fires off three shots in the air and Rick and Seth walk out to see what is going on and Dexter points a gun at Patricia's head.  Dexter tells him that Harold was just bluffing and he didn't do anything.  He tells him he was the one who killed Otis and then he took Harold back.  Rick says he wants them to live and they can just live in seperate areas but this needs to stop now.  Dexter doesn't budge, and he shoots Patricia in the head, killing her instantly.  Rick and Seth fire back, struggling but successfully killing Dexter, Tomas and Nicole.  After they calm down from the mess, the team goes again and interrogates the remaining prisoners, Dave, Tony, Axel, Kent and Pauline.  Rick lets Jack interrogate them, as he previously worked for the FBI.  Dave tells Jack that they really are innocent and have no intentions of killing anyone.  They say that they are all in for petty things, ranging from insurance fraud to leaving a child in the car in the summer.  Jack believes them, but says they need to be watched to Rick in private, just to be safe.  Rick agrees and the group leave to go to bed, leaving Seth and Glenn to take shifts secretly watching the prisoners.  Hershel begins to wake up.

Episode 3: As the group goes to sleep, Lori asks Rick if he can trust these prisoners.  Rick says he trusts Jack and he thinks he knows what he's doing.  Glenn and Seth take turns watching the prisoners and on Seth's turn he hears a noise behind him and goes to check it out.  When he is gone, Lizzie and Mika sneak in to the prisoner's cell block with a gun and fire it at Dave and Tony, killing Dave instantly and hitting Tony in the chest.  Seth and Glenn run back and asks what happened and Axel says he woke up to Dave and Tony shot.  Tony struggles to speak and says the two little girls snuck in and killed them.  Rick, Daryl and Maggie show up and Seth explains what happens and how Lizzie and Mika are nowhere to be seen.  Rick tells Daryl to stay with the prisoners as the rest go and try to find Lizzie and Mika.  After searching with no luck, they go back to their cell block and see Lizzie and Mika sleeping next to Carol.  Pauline walks up behind Rick with a gun pointed at his head and says she knew he couldn't be trusted and he was just as bad as Dexter, Tomas and Nicole.  Rick says this wasn't him and that Lizzie and Mika are insane, but Pauline doesn't believe him and she shoots Dale in the head.  Andrea shoots Pauline and then everyone rushes to Dale's body.  Daryl hears the shot and brings Axel and Kent with him to hear what's going on.  Everyone cries over Dale, especially Andrea and Seth.  Everyone leaves and goes to bed, allowing Axel and Kent to sleep in the same cell block with them.  Chris and Julie go to bed together, despite Tyreese saying they can't, and Chris discusses how he is so scared of this world and he says he wants to end it all and Julie says sometimes she feels like that too, and Chris responds by suggesting a suicide pact.  Lori and Rick talk about how she thinks Rick should kill Axel and Kent, but Rick says they haven't supported the prisoners once out of the three times that they've attacked the group.  Jack and Madison go to bed and Jack seems upset by Dale's death, but Madison says Jack is the only person she cares about and she doesn't have to worry about anyone but him.  Seth and Andrea hug each other and moarn the loss of Dale, but Andrea says he would've wanted them to keep going forward.  Carol talks to Lizzie and Mika about why they did what they did, and they respond by saying Carol said they are living with bad people and they just wanted to keep everyone safe.  The next day, the group wakes up and holds a funeral for Dale, with Rick, Seth and Andrea giving speeches and Axel asking if he can give a speech and apologize for the problems the people he was with have caused.  After everyone goes back inside, Rick looks outside the prison and sees a woman holding a katana outside the gates.

Episode 4: Rick asks Hershel what he should do and if he thinks the woman is dangerous.  Hershel tells him to go out there with his gun up and his head high.  Rick brings Glenn and Daryl to go see the woman and she puts her hands up and seems legitimate.  She says her name is Michonne.  They bring her in to be questioned and Jack tells them that she is okay but seems very happy when doing so.  The group all talk about what's been happening and everyone seems very sad but also relieved the immediate threat is gone with Axel and Kent in the room, who agree and apologize again for the losses of Otis, Patricia and Dale.  Later, when the group go to bed, Madison again tells Jack how much she loves him, but Jack replies awkwardly.  Chris and Julie discuss the suicide pact and Chris tells her they can be together forever, and Julie says she doesn't know but she'll think about it, to Chris's annoyance.  The next day, the group discusses how they haven't cleared the entire prison and cell block E is still overrun.  That night, Madison walks into her and Jack's cell, and sees Jack sleeping with Michonne.  He wakes up and apologizes to her, but she runs over to attack Michonne.  Michonne tells her she didn't know Jack was with her and she is so sorry and she leaves.  Madison yells at Jack and tells him to leave as well.  After everyone falls asleep, Chris wakes up and goes over to cell block E and opens the door after struggling for a minute or two, he runs back to his room with Julie and acts like nothing happened but doesn't realize Axel and Kent are watching.  

Episode 5: Axel and Kent run to tell someone about Chris, but are stopped by Glenn yelling that there are walkers.  Rick runs out to he tells Maggie, who is in the hallway, to please watch Lori and Carl.  The group attempt to fight them off but have to back up before they are overrun.  Three walkers sneak in to Madison's cell and she starts pushing them, but then appears to like the attention they are giving her.  When she realizes they "want and love her" she lets them eat her.  The group continues to fight.  Lori appears to be going into labor and Maggie rushes over to try and help.  Chris and Julie wake up and Chris tells Julie whats going on.  Julie finally agrees to the suicide pact and gets ready to do it.  Maggie tells Lori she's going to have to have an emergency C-section.  Rick and the group fight the walkers and as Seth is about to be bit, Sasha kills the walker.  Chris and Julie count down from three, but Chris gets scared and shoots too early, only killing Julie.  Maggie performs the C-section but Lori dies from blood loss and Carl has to put her down.  The group finishes killing the walkers and Axel tells them that Chris opened the door.  Tyreese goes to their room to ask Chris what happened and sees Julie and then beats Chris and falls to the floor crying.  Rick goes to Lori and sees the baby and Maggie tells him not to go in their room and he falls to the ground in tears.  Seth questions Madison's whereabouts and Michonne tells him that she slept with Jack without knowledge of Madison and she told him to leave and that's all they knew.  He sees Madison's dead body and gives Jack a nasty look and walks away.  The next day, Rick, Carl and Tyreese are mourning their losses while Seth, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, Andrea and Carol hold a meeting to discuss their plans on what to do with Jack and Chris.  Seth says Jack is an awful person, but they couldn't punish him in the real world for this and they shouldn't now, he's more concerned with Chris.  Lizzie walks into the room and asks Carol how much longer and Carol says she doesn't know, she leaves but overhears Seth say how Madison would be alive if it wasn't for Jack and she could've fought her way through the herd.  They are interrupted by a helicopter crash about a mile away.

Episode 6: Seth, Michonne and Glenn run outside to see what's going on and they hide behind a tree.  Seth informs Glenn and Michonne he brought a map with directions to the prison in case they get lost.  They see a man who goes up to the plane and points a gun at the men inside.  He says he shot their plane down for their supplies and then kills them both and takes everything they had.  They all leave and as our group get ready to follow them, Merle points a gun at their heads and tells them to come with him.  Daryl, Maggie, Hershel, Andrea and Carol all continue to talk about Chris and they decide that they need to punish him and leave him in a jail cell.  They inform Tyreese of this and he agrees.  Chris is locked in the cell he shared with Julie.  Sasha talks to Tyreese about Julie and Tyreese says he's glad she went out on her own terms and wasn't murdered, but then immediately bites his tongue in shock that he just said that.  Seth, Michonne and Glenn wake up in a room with the same man who shot down the plane.  He says his name is Phillip and welcomes them to Woodbury.  He shows them around and introduces them to his right hand man Martinez, his doctor Alice and his scientist who is currently working on a cure for the virus, Milton.  He says he would introduce Merle but it seems they have a history together.  When he leaves the room, Seth informs Michonne of who Merle is and they decide they need to escape.  As they plan to escape, Milton and Alice walk in and say that they need to leave now because Phillip is an evil man.  They show Seth and Glenn the way out and they leave with him, but Michonne says she needs to kill Phillip for what he did.  As they try to leave, they are stopped by Phillip who questions what they are doing.  Seth says he and Glenn are leaving and saves Milton and Alice by saying they had nothing to do with it.  Phillip says they can't leave because they witnessed what he did to those men in the helicopter and brings them to a house and says this is where they'll be staying.  Michonne goes to Phillip's house and sees that he has a zombified child tied up and multiple fishtanks with decapitated heads inside them.  As Michonne is about to kill the child, Phillip walks in and begs her not to and promises he will let them go if she doesn't, but she does it anyway.  He lunges at her and she stabs him in the eye with broken glass and knocks him out.  She runs and helps Glenn, Seth, Alice and Milton escape and when she arrives to their house, she only finds Glenn.  He tells her Seth is next door and he doesn't know if he's alive.  When she walks in, she sees a crying Seth missing an arm.  After she helps him up, she grabs Milton, Alice and Glenn and they leave Woodbury, but they are being followed by Merle.

Episode 7: Seth's group arrive at the prison with Milton and Alice and Rick yells at them and tells them to leave and they aren't safe.  Alice and Milton begin to question Seth and Glenn and they explain how Rick just lost his wife and is not stable at the moment.  Everyone asks Seth about his arm and he cracks jokes about it but then explains what happened.  They all come together and discuss Phillip but Milton says they are far enough away and he doubts Phillip will find them.  Seth and Glenn express how they want to tell Daryl about Merle but they are afraid.  Hershel attempts to talk Rick out of his crazy state but it doesn't work.  The next morning, Merle arrives at the front gate of the prison.  Michonne immediately attempts to attack him but Glenn tells her not to.  Daryl and Merle share an awkward nod and Seth lets him into the prison but says he needs to be watched.  Merle tells the group how Phillip wanted him to follow them and find out where they live, but he says he's not going back.  In the middle of the conversation, the group hears a gunshot and they find Lizzie with a gun in her hand and Jack shot in the arm.  Carol runs to Lizzie and asks her what she's doing and she says she heard that he got Madison killed and she was aiming for his heart.  The group talk and decide that Lizzie and Mika are no longer safe to be around and they need to be exhiled from the prison.  Carol agrees but it upset by the decision, and she says she will take them and stay with them the next morning.  Alice treats Jack and stops the bleeding.

Episode 8: The next morning, Carol packs her few items and says goodbye to the group.  Seth gets ready to hand Carol his map with directions to the prison to Carol, but can't find it.  Carol tells Seth she knows where to go and they leave.  Rick comes back around when talking to Carol and seems to have beat his depression.  Carl is holding the unnamed baby and tells Rick they need a name for it.  Merle talks to Tyreese and makes a racist joke, and then Tyreese walks away and Merle asks him what's wrong.  After tossing around names, they settle on Judith, after Carl's third grade teacher.  Seth tells Glenn he can't find his map and Glenn asks him if he left it at the plane crash site and Seth begins to panic.  Glenn calms him down and says they can go look for it.  Seth, Glenn and Michonne head back out again to the crash site and after searching for a while, they cannot find the map.  They run back and inform the group and Merle says Phillip is coming.

Episode 9: Seth freaks out and says that everyone is going to die because of him and Hershel calms him down and says it's okay.  Tyreese goes to Sasha's room to talk to her about Phillip and discovers that she's awfully sick and she looks very pale.  He runs to go get Alice who goes in to work on her and she hears Chris drop in his cell as well.  She brings the two in the same room and puts a face mask on to see what's wrong.  After she inspects the two, she comes to the conclusion that they have the flu.  Merle talks with the group and says is going to stop Phillip, which Daryl does not agree with.  Jack goes to Seth and apologizes for getting Madison killed but he struggles to accept his apology.  Merle leaves to Woodbury to try and stop Phillip.  As Sasha and Chris sit talking on the beds, Sasha notices that Chris begins to stop talking and pass out, and after she tries to see what happened, he wakes up as a walker and bites Sasha in her throat.  Maggie and Hershel talk and he gives her his pocketwatch.  Tyreese and Andrea come running in to see what happened, but it's already too late for them both.

Episode 10: Merle drives into Woodbury to try and find Phillip or Martinez and stop them.  Tyreese sits inside the prison crying after Sasha's death.  Hershel and Michonne are talking when they hear a mysterious noise outside the prison.  Merle arrives at Woodbury and sees it completely empty and drives back to the prison.  Hershel and Michonne go out in the woods to see what they heard and they see a rattlesnake which Michonne kills with her sword.  As they begin to walk back, they are captured by Phillip.  He puts them both into a car and then gives a speech about how this group came in and attempted to steal everything and kill him.  They begin to drive toward the prison and Seth and Maggie see the tank and cars roll in.  Seth and Rick go out and attempt to talk to Phillip and he says they can forget everything and try to live in peace.  Phillip ignores this plea and decapitates Hershel with Michonne's katana as the group watches in horror.  They get into a gun fight and Martinez and Jack are killed in the process.  Phillip is about to kill Rick when Michonne stabs him in the gut.  The group all split up and leave and Rick meets up with Carl and tries to find Judith but she is missing.  The prison is destroyed and everyone leaves in seperate groups.

Episode 11: Rick, Carl and Michonne are walking from the prison and they try to find a place to stay.  Maggie, Axel and Milton all leave the prison and end up in a library as Maggie struggles to cope with Hershel's death.  Kent and Andrea leave and see signs for a place called Terminus and begin to head there after they leave walker blood on the sign saying "Prison Group.  Go to Terminus."  Glenn leaves by himself and tries to find Maggie on the outskirts of the prison.  Seth and Daryl left and went up further than the group did and walk through the woods to try and find a place to camp.  Alice and Tyreese leave the prison with Judith and attempt to find baby formula for Judith.  Carol, Lizzie and Mika are living in a house miles away from the prison and Lizzie and Mika seem to be more wreckless than ever, as they are fighting Carol over why she kills walkers when she can just let them go like wild animals.  Merle arrives back at the prison and sees a crying woman sitting on the ground.  He doesn't recognize her and he asks her who she is and she says her name is Tara and that he should kill her because she just killed his friends.  Merle sits next to her saying that he recognizes her name and he used to work for Phillip and he realizes how manipulative he is and it's okay.  Two men and a woman walk up to the prison and the man in front says the noise was disturbing his beauty sleep before he realizes the mess that the prison is and apologizes and asks if everything is okay.  He introduces himself as Abraham.

Episode 12: Rick, Carl and Michonne find a place to stay and Carl asks them if they think everyone is dead and Rick says he doesn't know, but Michonne says no.  Carol is fighting walkers when Lizzie comes up to her and tells her to stop and just let them go.  Carol tells her no and to go inside, and Lizzie threatens to kill Carol.  Glenn is walking around the prison when he sees Merle's group and mistakes Tara for Maggie and is upset when he realizes it's not her.  He joins up with their group and he says they need to find Maggie.  Seth and Daryl are looking for a place to stay when they are interrupted by a man who introduces himself as Dwight and immediately demands all their stuff.  He takes Daryl's motorcycle and vest, and steals Seth's weapons.  Lost with no supplies, they decide to set up camp right where they are.  Maggie, Axel and Milton all sit in the library when they hear a hoard of walkers coming and they decide to leave.  When they go outside and walk down the road, they see the sign Andrea left for the group.  Alice, Tyreese and Judith are stopped by a hoard of walkers in the woods and are nearly killed, but Carol kills them and brings them to her house, which is right out of the woods.  Kent and Andrea arrive at Terminus and are greeted by Mary and are welcomed in the front gate.

Episode 13: Rick, Carl and Michonne leave their house to gather supplies and also see Andrea's sign and decide to head that way.  Seth and Daryl are sleeping in the woods and are woke up by a man named Joe who asks if they are looking for somewhere to stay.  Seth explains that they had everything stolen and they are desperate.  Joe brings them to his old bowling alley that he owned before the outbreak and explains that they have been staying there since the beginning and they need help.  Maggie's group arrive at Terminus and are greeted by Mary, who repeats the exact same speech she gave for Andrea and Kent, word for word.  Carol, Tyreese and Alice are talking when they realize Judith is missing and they run outside to find a dead Mika and an empty baby stroller.  Merle's group introduce themselves to each other.  Tara says she was with Phillip but he lied about the group and said they were terrible people, but she realized she was on the wrong side.  Abraham introduces the rest of his group and tells them about Rosita and Eugene, who claims to have a cure for the outbreak and they are trying to get him to Washington D.C. to help stop the outbreak.  Glenn explains how he is trying to find Maggie and Abraham agrees to help him find Maggie and then they will finish their trip.  Carol calls for Lizzie and she appears out of the woods holding Judith, alive.  Carol asks her what she did and she said she killed Mika to show Carol how she'll come back and be the same and prove that she doesn't need to kill walkers and she wanted Judith to watch so she could learn.  Carol struggles but tells Lizzie to turn around and look at the flowers before shooting her in the head and taking Judith inside.  Carol walks in crying and Tyreese and Alice comfort her.  Seth and Daryl are introduced to Joe's friends and then brought outside and told that they are the new guards for the bowling alley and they will be chained to the walls to fight the walkers before they come inside.

Episode 14: Rick, Carl and Michonne are heading for Terminus when they realize they took a wrong turn and have been of track for a while.  Merle's group sees the sign and Glenn goes running for Terminus.  The rest of the group wait, and Tara expresses concern that she will be killed if she gets near the group but Merle assures her they won't.  Seth and Daryl are outside fighting walkers and are miserable.  Daryl tells Seth they're going to get out eventually.  Carol says that they need to leave the house and try to find the group and Tyreese and Alice agree.  Merle's group catches up with Glenn who is exhausted on the side of the road.  They tell him they will all go together and they will make it to Terminus.  Carol's group sees Andrea's sign as well, and they head for Terminus and eventually catch up with Merle's group.  Seth and Daryl are brought food by a man named Earl and when he leaves, he intentionally drops a key for them to escape.

Episode 15: Rick, Carl and Michonne are on their way to Terminus when they meet up with Merle's group as well.  Rick and Carl reunite with Judith and they all introduce themselves.  Tara confesses she worked for Phillip to Rick and he is angry but forgives her.  They head to Terminus but are stopped by a woman who claims that she is desperate and wants to be a part of their group to survive.  She says her name is Lily and she overemphasizes the fact that she won't do anything to harm them.  Rick, Merle, Glenn and Abraham go to her camp and tell the rest to stay put.  When she bends over to show them how little supplies she has, she grabs a knife and tries to kill Glenn but Abraham punches her before she can.  When she wakes up, she stabs herself in the heart and dies.  The group head back and continue to Terminus.  Seth and Daryl escape from Joe's and head back into the woods and they hide in a car.  They spend the night and discuss how afraid they are and Seth says he can't be scared anymore because he doesn't deserve it.  He says he got everyone at the prison killed and Daryl assures him he didn't.  Seth begins to cry when they are interrupted by Joe, who sees Seth.  He tells Seth to come out and get on his knees.  He demands Seth tell him Daryl is or he will kill him, and Seth doesn't budge.  Joe begins to countdown from ten and when he reaches three, everyone but Joe, Earl and one other member of the group is killed.  Daryl comes out thinking he killed them all but realizes he left three.  Joe demands Daryl get on the ground and he says he is going to finish counting, and when he does they fire on Daryl.  Joe counts down and Daryl is shot numerous times and killed.  A crying and emotional Seth tells Joe he can kill him right there, but Joe says he has other plans for him.

Episode 16: Joe brings Seth back to the bowling alley and introduces him to his replacements Aaron and Eric.  They bring Seth inside and throw him in the birthday party room.  Seth looks out the peephole in the door and sees Joe strangling Earl to death.  Joe tells the remaining member of the group to go give Aaron and Eric their food and when leaves, Seth runs out and attacks Joe.  They fight for a while, and when Joe has him pinned, Seth bites his throat and kills him.  He takes the gun out of Joe's pocket and kills the other member, and then lets Aaron and Eric out.  Aaron tells Seth he has a community and Seth agrees to leave with him.  Rick's group arrive at Terminus and sneak through the back to make sure it is safe.  They catch the leader, Gareth, by surprise but he says he understands why they are skeptical.  They bring them outside for food and everyone is given a burger.  When Rick notices that Gareth is holding Maggie's pocketwatch, and he holds him at gunpoint asking him where he got the watch.  Gareth doesn't budge and they get into a gunfight.  This continues for about five minutes before the group is pinned in a train car.  Rick reunites with everyone and Andrea tells him that he just ate Kent.


Well, that's season three.  I'm sorry I more than likely killed your favorite character, and if I didn't, probably someone in your top five.  Thank you so much for reading and I hope I can make season four even better!