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  • Indy0678

    So i'v noticed that in every zombie survival blog post people always list tons of guns they plan on getting in the event of a zombie apocolypse. My one question is: Where do you plan on getting those guns from? I mean, people act as if they can walk into a gunshop or police station and take anything they want, as if nobody would have the same idea. If there is a gunshop near your house, its near hundreds of other people's houses too. Police station? They keep there weapons locked up, even if the lock is broken, things will be picked clean. Not to mention the gun store owners will most likely be boarded into the store shooting anything on sight.

    So my advice is, by your guns now, ahead of time.

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  • Indy0678

    The Prison?

    March 15, 2012 by Indy0678

    Why does everyone keep talking about the prison, as if its a fact that it will be featured in the show? I mean, in the comics, the group leaves the prison and goes back to the farm, but in the show, the farm is obviously going to be overrun and destroyed. Plus, the group was already going to Fort Benning (I know dave and tony said it was overrun, but first off, they could have been lying so that they could have made them stay on the farm, and could move in with them. and second, there was the heliocoptor from season 1.) So it just seems very unlikely the prison will be in season 3, but what do you guys think? I think Fort Benning will be the new prison (assuming they it isn't overrun)

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