Hey pardon if this blog has been posted before. *No Spoilers, just Speculation*

Please do not fault me for any mistakes I may make in this post, I am not aware of the technicalities as I do not visit this blog frequently.

T-Dog is one of my favorite characters, he has seemed to be the character that a lot of people are rooting for. I, am personal fan of IronE, and following him personally he has triumphed over alot of hardship, so seeing him get work in the industry puts a big smile on my face. So that is one of the main reasons why I am sad that he might be next.

IMO I feel that although there have been interviews and confirmation saying that there will be "More" for T-Dog this season and what not. I feel that he will be one of the characters to bite the dust in this next episode 3.04 Killer Within" Alot of evidence points to it.

Possible Spoilers*******************************

I have been reading from other blog sites about some of the other actors confirming that they are still filming such as Beth's Character, Carol's character, etc.

I read this from another Forum

*Laurie Holden tweeted last night that she was going back to Georgia for filming. Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker are still filming. I'm assuming Rick, Carl, Maggie, and Glenn are still alive. Lauren Cohan was just added to the opening credits. They wouldn't do that if they were planning on killing her. And they won't kill Glenn so early in the game. Rick and Carl are safe.*

Also, Emily Kinney apparently said during one of her concerts within the last few weeks that she's still filming (can't remember if the person who said this was on here or some other forum that I dropped by, but he said he was a huge fan of her music thus why he was there when she said it). Scott Wilson already has been reported to be on set for Episode 13/14

I have not seen any news or rumors of Iron.E still filming, he has done a TON of interviews and appearances though.

So with all of these clues, the only logical death would be T-Dog.

Please anyone but T-Dog :-(