Hey guys it's Hunter, since we know that the next episode: Still, will mainly focus on Beth and Daryl's storyline, I think we can possibly see a death by one of these to, the question is who?

Could it be Beth?

I don't think Beth will die this episode or season as a matter of fact, for several reasons:

1. She hasen't been on the show as long as Daryl.
Inmates Daryl and Beth Fire

2. She is just now getting developed.

3. I don't think they will kill off another Greene member after Hershel just died.

4. I think Beth will become stronger after Hershel's death.

Could it be Daryl?

I think Daryl could possibly die this episode for a number of reasons:

1. He has really no story left, he has done his time.

2. Abraham and Tyreese were just introduced, we need to expand them more and Daryl has been on for quite a long time.

3. We have seen Daryl go down a rocky path, he seems weakend and has lost some hope.

4. Beth's story can be expanded if Daryl were to die.

So what do you think, post your thoughts and predictions on what will happen in Still, do you think we will see the death of one of these two? Post your thoughts! LLB! ♥
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Beth awesomely cute but yet badass look towards Daryl!

Do you think Beth will die in "Still"?

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Do you think Daryl will die in "Still"?

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