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Hunter Here! ♫

♫ Hey everyone it's Hunter and I'm here with another blog. This time I'm talking about why I think Beth Greene is not a useless character or useless in general. As many of you know, I'm a MAJOR fan of Beth. If you look at my user page you can tell I'm obbssed with her, but I want to put that fact aside and just talk as a regular viewer and fan! ♪

♫ Who Is Beth Greene/Her First Journey! ♪

As you know Beth Greene is a 18-year old teenage girl. Half-Sister of Maggie and second daughter of Hershel. She was first introduced in Season 2, Episode 2 - "Bloodletting". Beth's role starts here and it wasen't the best. She was rarely seen and spent most of her time away from Rick's goup. Beth jumped up starting in "Nebraska". Beth had just watched her mother and half-brother be "murdered" in a sense, she was broken down, destroyed in a way (I woulden't blame her) and I hear people call her a "Drama Queen"! Really?! I don't understand this. Beth had just watched her family and friends be gunned down, she believe
Beth and Patricia!

Beth watches as her family is put down a second time!

d they were alive and at the time she was just 16 and afraid of what was happening around her. She wasen't trying to get attention, she's not a drama queen! After this she went into a coma, she was in shock for loosing so many at one time, she wasen't used to it. The Drama Queen Story continues in "18 Miles Out" Beth's biggest episode in Season 2 and probably overall. She wanted to let go, she didn't want to live, she had given up. I don't think this was a useless story. Beth had seen nothing but misery and despair around here. Andrea was right partially, it was Beth's choice, she didn't want her family to suffer what she feared was going to happen to them all. That's not a Drama Queen! Sure she might not have handled it right but she was only 16, she wasen't an adult and she still isn't , you can't expect her not to be stubborn. She ends up surviving Season 2 but not after loosing her boyfriend, Jimmy and best friend, Patricia. You can tell she is stronger here because even though she crys you can tell it dosen't bring her down like it did before.

Not Useless!

Beside all my facts from Season 2 , Beth is not useless. In Season 3 she gets a bigger role. For one, she and Maggie are seen singing "The Parting Glass" in "Seed". This shows that she brings comfort not only to herself but also to the whole group. After Judith was born Beth became her prime caretaker and this leads me to my next point. Many say Beth can't or dosen't do anything. They say that anyone, even a redshirt can take care of Judith. This is not neccessarily the case. Beth has aways wanted a child, she bonds with Judith really well and this is a bond not everyone can have. Personally I think because she has been around so long, Beth is one of the few people Rick trusts with Judith, we woulden't give her to some random redshirt! I also think that if Judith was lost, Rick would lose it so I think she helps Rick keep his sanity. I don't think that's useless!

She's Not a Killing Machine!

Beth hasen't killed much zombies on screen obviously but this dosen't make he usless. She's just a 18-year old girl, everyone complains but she dosen't go on runs for a reason. Characters such as Daryl or Michonne are stronger, much more capable of going on such things. Beth does her part at the prison to take care of Judith and helps boost eveyone's spirits. Just because someone isn't a zombie killer dosen't make them useless!

A New Beth! ♪

In Season 4, Beth is shown to be a little diffrent. This starts of with her reaction to Zach's death. Again, many people just thought that she didn't care about him. I  don't  think that, I just thought she didn't want to connect with him as much as he wanted to connect to her. I think she feared that if he died and she really connected with him, she woulden't be able to handle it. She also didn't like goodbyes (I don't either!) this story continue's in "Isolation" when she tells Maggie that they don't get to get upset. I think she wants to keep evryone's spirits up and keep hope alive (Not a usless character to me!) but ends up crying because I think she fears she won't be able to do it. They all have jobs to do! I think she felt that that one was hers. It's not a big one, but an important one!

I love Beth! <3

I respect everyone's opinions on Beth, both good and bad and I don't blame you if you don't like Beth, there are more characters out there that are much more popular such as Daryl or Rick. We are Family, I will not judge you if you hate Beth and I will expect the same in return! ♪ :) I was the first Beth fan on this Wiki and I will always love her, no matter what, my page proves it!

In conlusion, I don't think Beth is a useless character. I think people just look at it the wrong way. I will not say Beth Greene is the best character in The Walking Dead, but she is definitely my favorite character! I will always love you Beth, you are my angel! Long Live Beth! Thoughts? - Do you think Beth is usless, what are your opinions of Beth?  Also sorry for not adding to much pictures, I felt it took away from the main point!

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