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We Are Family!

Hey everyone, I know I just posted a blog post the other day but I had a good important notice that I wanted to share with you guys regarding this Wiki.

We Are Family

I believe we users on here, at least the ones's with accounts are a family, in which we all talk and contribute together, I think that there has been a lot of hate and arguments lately or at least in the past. I think that this blog is just to reassure everyone that we are a team and should treat everyone like a teamember.


Regarding the Anons, the people on here who don't have an account, I would just like to start to say that you guys should really get an account and be more known, I don't want to pressure you to get an account, but it would be nice, we are very welcoming to new users and I think you would really like it here.


Overall I think that this Wiki isn't perfect, nothing is, but we can all just make it that much better if we all worked together which I think maybe some of us don't. Ok I know most of us are strangers but we all know each other on here and contribute just as much as one another.

I know that this is not a big blog, but this Wiki does not have tons of problems, I think we are one of the best in my opinion, anyway thanks guys and post your thoughts!! And remember let's all "B" Lively, just like Beth!! :)

Long Live Beth!

B Lively

"B" Lively <3

Beth super duper cute cheek hugging Daryl

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